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20 Sweet Animals That Have Stolen Our Hearts With Just One Glance

Pets are the most comforting companions, and they keep us from being lonely and sad. They show us love in every way; they relieve stress keeping us healthy and happy. If we go on with this list, we’ll see that they always give us more than we will ever be able to return to them.

Only one glance or a derpy behavior is enough to make us melt, and even at a time when we are furious, we immediately go “aww.”

The Modern Mood team couldn’t pass these sweet fluffballs indifferently and compiled the cutest collection to bring daily positivity to your feed too.

#1. This graceful glance has killed us

Photo: © Makiix3

#2. An extra small fighter wins the battle against the odds.

Photo: © PetsAreCures

#3. It’s so easy with puppies. Even the littlest things make them happy

Photo: © sammerrinnosam

#4. Sweet dreams, you little creature

Photo: © immybabyyy

#5. The best thing to ever happen to me

Photo: © mrinickolaj

#6. An adorable smirk from 11 weeks old Furlyn!

Photo: © wulfzbane

#7. Cheeto wanted cuddles this morning

Photo: © Fun_Understanding968

#8. When assembling your dog kit, be sure to follow the instructions to avoid disasters like this

Photo: © vladgrinch

#9. Proud mom. My cat had six kittens!

Photo: © EddHigham

#10. This ultra derp is happiness

Photo: © Intrepid-Conclusion6

#11. This is how she begs for my lunch.

Photo: © 111ruberducky

#12. Look at this cuteness. We can’t help falling in love

Photo: © ninawonders

#13. Enjoying his best life

Photo: © inherentlydad

#14. His way to chill

Photo: © Ayebaldwin

#15. Adorable. Such a squeezable face.

Photo: © Kiddasohneyo

#16. How can you look at it and not melt?

Photo: © Fun_Understanding968

#17. Someone got a new raincoat yesterday!

Photo: © meeseeks2020

#18. The way our dog sits by the door when my wife is on the other side

Photo: © ali1510

#19. The best thing to happen to me

Photo: © mrinickolaj

#20. Bilbo, the teddy bear, wishes a lovely week

Photo: © Vharlkie