20 Super Interesting Shots That Will Wow You Before Even Reaching The Last Photo

We would get mad if not for all the interesting and exciting things happening around us. The world has become such a cruel place where focusing on the good, the positive, and the interesting is the only way to survival.

And although lots of unpleasant stuff is happening now worldwide, the most unique and amazing things still exist very close to us. And our team at Modern Mood has prepared some captivating and positive images to fill our readers’ day with smiles and interest.

Scroll down to have a look at these impressive photos and remember that life still has its bright side too.

#1. A meteorite is called “Taeng-bituin” in Philippines (Tagalog), meaning “star shit” or “shit from stars”.

Photo: © /itsfreepizza

#2. King Kong Rock in Langkawi

Photo: © kurama4512

#3. Turning a bunch of wood sticks into a one meter long Flying Dutchman ship is a talent

Photo: © artolo2000

#4. The changing fall leaf in the Adirondacks. Is this amazing or what?

Photo: © ChartFrogs

#5. Happiness is contagious. Now we’re sure about it.

Photo: © asilvertintedrose

#6. Wait! what?

Photo: © AvisDei

#7. This Indigo bunting among sunflowers is a true reminder of happiness

Photo: © aquilasr

#8. This moo cow like kitty is sweetness itself

Photo: © SmugSceptic

#9. In Japan, this school board is equipped with an electronic scanner. It erases what is written and at the same time stores it so that the students can get later copies if they want.

Photo: © WorldHub995

#10. This is what we mean when we say nature is the most talented artist

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#11. Willpower is what makes all possible

Photo: © famaya0511

#12. This split colored lobster is a one in a fifty million chance.

Photo: © TheCheesecakeOfDoom

#13. She will be able to get away with anything looking like that!

Photo: © mrkmllr

#14. What royalty looks like

Photo: © moolabitch

#15. With her new haircut, Doris is finally got her smile back.

Photo: © Silkyfrills

#16. This is Frankie! We hope he brightens your day as much as he brightend ours

Photo: © spiritualnlight

#17. Just an elegant orangutan wearing red

Photo: © rocklou

#18. Castle is excited to have his first car ride

Photo: © llustrious_Big_8485

#19. The weight loss is nice, but I’ve dropped a lot of other baggage as well.

Photo: © starshipvelcro

#20. A handful of happiness

Photo: © greggobbard