20 Super Cool Objects That People Created With 3D Printing

3D printing has got us to believe in miracles. It’s the process of creating three-dimensional objects from a digital file. Even though 3D printing has existed for more than 40 years now it has improved greatly in recent years allowing us to create the most incredible objects in just a few steps.

In this post, we have prepared the coolest designs people created with the help of 3D printers that will definitely make your jaw drop.

Check out the photos and don’t forget to comment on the most brilliant one. The last one is our favorite!

#1. The first 3D printed residential home in Germany

Photo: © Holierthanhe

#2. 3D printed hexagonal sculptures

Photo: © hydrogenpcs

#3. 3D print failed half way through. This is how we’ve been using it

Photo: © KingVeemo

#4. A small tribute to the STS-135 mission

Photo: © rmcv02

#5. 3D Printed Mark 85 Helmet!

Photo: © Admirable_Ad4954

#6. Backlit 3D printed GameCube logo

Photo: © jmweissman

#7. 3D printed portal gun

Photo: © Mud_Flow

#8. A lifesized Pit Droid from Star Wars

Photo: © kahnindustries

#9. 3D printed Minecraft bottle

Photo: © ShadowCake38087

#10. 3D printed master sword

Photo: © Banana_mountain

#11. 3D printed Butter Robot from Rick and Morty.

Photo: © S101T

#12. 3D printed Julius Caesar pencil holder bust

Photo: © FoamBrick

#13. Darth Vader Pen Holder

Photo: © willcalderone0630

#14. 3D printed helmet from Halo

Photo: © ColonelDiddles

#15. A tiny milk carton holder

Photo: © Jebinam

#16. 3D Printed Sephiroths 12 Ft Masamune

Photo: © caros92

#17. 3D Printed Rims

Photo: © Proteon

#18. The 3D printed Blade sports car from Divergent Microfactories

Photo: © Holierthanhe