20 Stunning Photos Proving What It Means To Be Super Lucky For Photographers

The majestic shots by some photographers have proven many times that having a professional camera doesn’t make you a professional photographer. What matters is the talent, creativity and, well, sometimes the luck to be in the right place at the right time and have an eye for real beauty.

The photos we have prepared for this post describe what it means to be lucky and talented at the same time.

Scroll down to see the fascinating shots by truly professional photographers that reveal the essence of perfection. Check them out and upvote the most beautiful one!

#1. A self-portrait in a car at night

Photo: © Historical-Engine906

#2. The photographer took a fantastic photo of his girlfriend in South Iceland

Photo: © havefundiscovering

#3. A trail in Denmark…

Photo: © lgiulio

#4. An insane lightning strike

Photo: © Jcre08901

#5. A Hawkeye…Mesmerizing

Photo: © ronny_degiacomi

#6. A self-portrait in a foggy room

Photo: © Historical-Engine906

#7. Sunsets like this make us believe in miracles. Credit: Lizzy Davis

Photo: © Lizzy Davis

#8. Rainy Hong Kong

Photo: © pablotpics

#9. Just a cute cat relaxing on the balcony

Photo: © Luminol95

#10. Mount Hood On Arrival Into PDX. How beautiful is this?

Photo: © Former-Cook-4403

#11. A cracked train window

Photo: © AADarkWarrior15

#12. A woman with vitiligo is indeed beautiful

Photo: © SabineMetz

#13. At the splash pad

Photo: © TheGreatJatsby

#14. Utah – an alien planet and a very fantastic one

Photo: © raccoonmaster666

#15. Some dancing smoke and a door

Photo: © busted_boot

#16. This cat is a handful of happiness, don’t you agree?

Photo: © Due-Total-2988

#17. The magical reflection of a sunset

Photo: © 360guync

#18. Jumping at the beach has never been so aesthetic

Photo: © padgerfan4894

#19. A car speeding by the US Capitol.

Photo: © alexfarmermedia

#20. Macro photos show more than the naked eye see

Photo: © Responsible_Ad_3180