20 Stunning Handmade Creations Of Talented People That Made Us Envious Of Their Skills

Remember when Chandler and Monica decided to create handmade gifts for each other themselves but failed. It would be much easier if they were as skilled as the people in this collection that made absolutely stunning stuff out of nothing or with the simplest objects.

We have prepared 20 photos showing how talented some people are that even made us a little envious of their skills in arts and crafts. Scroll down to see these beautiful creations and tell us what your talent is!

#1. A very dramatic and amazing piece

Photo: © Kateryna_Mazhuha

#2. How cool is this? White Oak Eagle Stump Job

Photo: © BerkshireMtnSculptor

#3. A universal knife block. Would you like to have one?

Photo: © ThriftyDrifty

#4. A fake security camera birdhouse made from scrap wood

Photo: © DIY_Designer

#5. Predator wallet. Rate this one!

Photo: © latypovkirill

#6. Incredible! Embroidered by hand using an upholstery needle and yarn.

Photo: © but-Im-not-a-raccoon

#7. Really neat! A galaxy whale

Photo: © beingOnlyMe

#8. Huge respect for the talent and artistic bravery

Photo: © KingSteven11

#9. Awesome composition. What are your thoughts?

Photo: © LiesAboutstuffAlot

#10. This fantastic portrait was painted during a 2.5-hour live stream! Oil on Canvas.

Photo: © DimitriSirenko

#11. Juicy citrus earrings

Photo: © Madlenart

#12. Thrift store frame, the photo, thick and textured card stock. Came together quite well.

Photo: © Rockabilly_Tim

#13. A funky 70s inspired cardigan. So cool

Photo: © starburners

#14. What do you think of these shroomy ceramic planters?

Photo: © WoodlandMystic

#15. We envy these people that can create such amazing stuff

Photo: © Unknown

#16. This Nixie-Tube Clock is simply awesome

Photo: © _NRGY_

#17. A cool ramp made for a dog

Photo: © Makerslane

#18. A beautiful handmade Gown. Please rate this work.

Photo: © EVALIZA

#19. Gengar made out of polymer clay

Photo: © Betho89

#20. The gentlest pitbull enjoying the sun! (watercolor portrait)

Photo: © doggo_drawings