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20 Spookiest Halloween Costumes That Will Scare The Hell Out Of Everyone

The spooky season has begun and the battle for the scariest character has started too. Every year we see similar transformations and it feels like vampires and demons have become so close to us that they don’t scare us anymore.

But everyone’s entitled to one good scare on Halloween. So we compiled this spooky collection of the scariest and creative ideas of Halloween costumes that some people made and scared the hell out of the whole Internet.

#1. Truly disturbing. Just for the case

Photo: © yunoookumura

#2. How do you like such a Halloween makeup idea?

Photo: © Rajpar

#3. Some hideous makeup for a Halloween Red Wings game

Photo: © Stripeybaby

#4. Nails can also get super spooky

Photo: © halloweenqueen31

#5. Single-handedly confusing trick-or-treaters in years past

Photo: © left-shoulder-closed

#6. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

Photo: © Staden93

#7. When art projects go wrong but they are just right for Halloween

Photo: © paulporowski

#8. The Corpse Bride has revived again

Photo: © Skissored

#9. Jack and Rose have returned to haunt

Photo: © clckwrkrnj

#10. Danny DeVitos penguin. Scary as hell

Photo: © goaheadblameitonme

#11. What can be scarier than a man dressed like this?

Photo: © chizzlecharcoal

#12. When friends have a lot in common

Photo: © samedamnlife

#13. Mr. Boogey Man here, everyone

Photo: © T-Geometricus

#14. A cool handmade costume of Pennywise

Photo: © hydeiamsticky

#15. Could it get any more lit?

Photo: © Crochetverse

#16. What if tooth fairy looks like this

Photo: © 08132021

#17. Oops. Cordyceps inspired zombie costume.

Photo: © rosaryvines

#18. A cool tribute to 80’s rocker Lita Ford

Photo: © luvgun21

#19. Must have put lots of effort and time into this

Photo: © macdezignr

#20. Happy Halloween with this Jack O’ Lantern Tree

Photo: © Unknown