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20 Situations When The Day Went Perfectly Wrong

What can be more painful than a day that goes perfectly wrong? Sometimes we don’t expect that luck will turn its back on us, and when it happens, we start hating everything and everyone. Cheers to those that accept failures and minor misfortunes as something ordinary and laugh at them instead of making a big deal out of them.

We have prepared 20 photos about situations and days that simply suck. Check out the photos and tell us whose shoes you wouldn’t want to be in.

#1. The pain when you are trying to watch a movie on the airplane

Photo: © carlitos_sagan

#2. Have you noticed bread always falls on the buttered side?

Photo: © hallowHatbox229

#3. A really good souvenir of a kid’s childhood

Photo: © NationYell

#4. And she was wondering why she felt a draft down there…

Photo: © Mental_Passion4945

#5. When you least expect you car to look like this…

Photo: © Mangofert1

#7. Who else would still eat them?

Photo: © rockyHinge46

#9. Hens are crying in silence…

Photo: © Timoresescalpel167

#10. Overfilling problems.

Photo: © mattcolqhoun

#11. When you’re bursting and discover a komodo dragon occupying your commode

Photo: © EndersGame_Reviewer

#12. Obviously, it’s a boxer. Obviously. Had to be. This is peak boxer behavior.

Photo: © yflate89

#13.  Luckily he was quite calm, so it was possible to release him, and he is fine now!

Photo: © samowham

#14. Painful. Mclaren p1 in Florida flood

Photo: © eletric_blade

#15. Trying to imagine what such a disaster would feel like.

Photo: © Radical-Rudolph

#16. When your 14 yr old forgets to add the water before nuking ramen noodles and seasoning for 3 minutes.

Photo: © meggles1030

#17. At least people are honest

Photo: © No-Improvement-9789

#18. Titanic miscue

Photo: © lilitigi

#19. When the only good thing is that nobody got hurt

Photo: © molKalns

#20. Things happened in the bathroom.

Photo: © Gnillab