20 Silly Photos That Won’t Take Long To Draw A Smile On Your Face

It’s hard to start the day with a smile when you just commenced the year after long joyful holidays and will have to work really hard for the rest of the year. But here at Modern Mood, we have got the solution to every problem.

To draw a smile on our readers’ faces, our team has prepared a warm collection of cute photos that will definitely charge you with positive vibes for the whole day.

Check out the photos, and don’t forget to tell us what can become a reason for you to smile.

#1. Why is this so funny?

Photo: © lejoMSP

#2. Cats know it better

Photo: © TheVentiLebowski

#3. The best way to wear this sweater!

Photo: © NixisTM

#4. Missed the opportunity

Photo: © unintentional-salmon

#5. My dog is a freak that likes to get spanked, and he came up to me and stayed like this for a few minutes

Photo: © MissAbbyMcc

#6. The Google Maps driver forgot to stop the camera

Photo: © Random-Non-Sequitur

#7. Are we a joke to you?

Photo: © bloggy75

#8. Drunk afternoons

Photo: © s1agathor

#9. Queen Elizabeth is feeding baby velociraptors 155 million years ago. Damn, nature is crazy.

Photo: © MRairden

#10. Go, save someone now. First aid coursebook from 1943: how to save someone from choking

Photo: © lueberryjuices69

#11. The lady has a great sense of humor.

Photo: © blaQriot

#12. I think there is something wrong with my cat.

Photo: © Bobatea

#13. Seems similar, huh? Island cactus

Photo: © buchkau

#14. Hurry up, there

Photo: © hey_blue_13

#15. Floridians, as soon as it reaches 60 degrees

Photo: ©

#16. The first 3 trillion dollars company

Photo: © imran-shaikh

#17. Found out why my wife has been in such a good mood for weeks.

Photo: © Erthond

#18. An armadillo and a doe make the perfect hybrid

Photo: © DeJMan