20 Shots Of Incredible Creatures Proving That The Magic Of Nature Is Never-Ending

The amazing creatures and the most astounding phenomena of nature have made us wanna leave all behind and start exploring biology and studying the craziest species of flora and fauna more thoroughly. But even so, the wonders of mother nature will never cease amazing us and it’s simply impossible to keep up with all the masterpieces it creates.

The fantastic species of spiders, the crab-like creature they call Antarctic Amphipods, the unbelievable exoskeleton of a scorpion, and fascinating scenes that even the most renowned artists couldn’t create – all these are as simple for Nature to create as for human beings to have their everyday meals.

Keep on scrolling to admire the incredible aspects of nature and try not to gasp, although why not?

#1. This cuteness – The Mary River turtle is a large freshwater turtle endemic to the Mary River in Queensland, Australia.

Photo: © redditsdaddio

#2. The Poltys Mouhoti, a species of spider from Vietnam.

Photo: © yeetusthatfeetus6-9

#3. Newly hatched hummingbirds

Photo: © WetShowerSocks

#4. Wisterias from Japan! Aren’t they magical?

Photo: © CommonSchemeForYou

#5. Antarctic Amphipods lives in some of the most remote seas on earth and look like they could be from another altogether.

Photo: ©hconfiance

#6. Perfectly Molted Exoskeleton of Scorpion

Photo: © AmatuerNerd

#7. Have you seen a web like this before? Is there any explanation for this?

Photo: © mizkovi

#8. Power! The Cheetah and Storm

Photo: © SirtuinsAMPKmTOR

#9. Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a Kingsnake

Photo: © Dutch_Midget

#10. A forest within a forest on this dead log. Grayson Highlands, VA

Photo: © timhis

#11. This fallen tree is holding back the duckweed

Photo: © TheTobyrobot

#12. Boto is an endangered species of the South American river dolphin.

Photo: © Bunnystrawbery

#13. Northern Lights are simply magical

Photo: © Unknown

#14. Angler Fish are bony fish named for their characteristic mode of predation

Photo: © KingOfGlue

#15. How did it happen that this tree has grown a nose?

Photo: © HockeyCannon

#16. The sleek, elegant carnivore known as the genet

Photo: © aquilasr

#17. An Unusual occurrence called Nacreous Clouds

Photo: © Bevissimpson

#18. And again the adorable Mary River Turtle

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m