20 Scary Photos Of Massive Objects That Easily Trigger Megalophobia

Things that exceed the natural size we think is normal for them create illusions and a different perception of reality. But they also cause megalophobia sometimes. It is described as a disorder in which people experience fear when they are near or even think of large objects: animals, trees, buildings, etc.

We believe that the photos in this collection contain such huge stuff that can easily trigger megalophobia because of their sizes. Scroll down to see the 20 photos of absolute units that we have compiled in this article, and let’s see how many of our readers will notice this disorder be triggered.

#1. Part of China’s Er Wang Dong cave system, the Cloud Ladder Hall cave. The whole cave system is so mind-boggingly huge, it has its own weather system.

Photo: © /samthetreeman

#2. The combination of the ears and jowls is the best!

Photo: © Two_black_hounds

#3. Located in Brazil, this semi-precious rock is a real absolute unit.

Photo: © mikihak

#4. What’s that plant Chard is holding?

Photo: © Mymomsuckstoo

#5. The aircraft carrier USS Gerald R Ford in drydock

Photo: © MGC91

#6. NBA player Kawhi “The Claw” Leonard’s hands. 9.75 inches long and 11.25 inches wide. The average male hand size is 7.4 inches long and 7.1 inches wide.

Photo: © CR4ZY___PR0PH3T

#7. An Iceberg in Canada. Is this scary?

Photo: © davidsoor

#8. Giant ass Japanese Crab at display in aquarium tank

Photo: © WeldingShipper

#9. Absolute unit of construction equipment.

Photo: © /mmaoury1

#10. 9ft fiddle fig. Looks huge

Photo: © Bwitchin13

#11. Inside the Abu Simbel, you feel the history come to life by walking through.

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#12. This is really thumbthing

Photo: © ChipChimney

#13. The Korean absolute unit bodybuilder Kang In Su consuming a unit of rice

Photo: © lqdizzle

#14. Mike Tyson is 5.10, a fairly average height in the US. Brian Shaw is 6.8.

Photo: © Affectionate-Soup210

#15. Garlic harvest…

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#16. These claws have been nurtured

Photo: © leenylumos

#17. This American titan measures 20kg, and it’s found in Mexico.

Photo: © mikihak

#18. Horse Chestnut tree gets bigger over the years (200 years old)

Photo: © Siiriena

#19. Árbol del Tule is the world’s widest tree.

Photo: © marktherobot-youtube

Photo: © marktherobot-youtube

#20. This screwdriver is the perfect apocalypse defense tool

Photo: © davebobciroq