20 Ridiculous Photos Of Photoshop Victims That “Succeeded” On Instagram But Failed In Life

Photoshopping, filters, and editing apps are gradually giving us trust issues. How can we ever believe anyone if people that appear on Instagram are completely different from these people in real life? It’s sad that a lot of people get carried away with striving for perfection that they lose the last strings of connection with reality.

We do hope that this collection that we laughed at while compiling will become a wake-up call for many and put an end to this silly trend of introducing themselves as another person. Scroll down to see 20 photos of photoshop victims that “succeeded” on Instagram but failed in life.

#1. When Instagram and Real life start fighting

Photo: © arpentersglue

#2. When your whole head is half the size of your biceps

Photo: © Odradekflusen

#3. Do you have the body to fit these clothes? From an online clothing shop

Photo: © MilkkyAss

#4. This is a real person

Photo: © kwittl3

#5. Posted pic vs. live video

Photo: © hetfield37

#6. Filters are giving trust issues.

Photo: © Filters are giving me trust issues.

#7. Body dysmorphia is a rising epidemic.

Photo: © SchemeMost5093

#8. Time changes us all. 2022 vs. 2020

Photo: © Nahareeli

#9. Why do people make themselves look like this?

Photo: © crypross

#10. Please, leave natural aging alone

Photo: © ImagineMotherDragons

#11. Everyone gets a new face when they cut their hair, right?

Photo: © Familiar_Local_1254

#12. Her post vs. a screenshot of a video

Photo: © Hippiemaedchen

#13. Even plastic surgeons filter their clients

Photo: © Dolleste

#14. Red carpet vs. Instagram. We are all models on Instagram

Photo: © dabombdotmom

#15. What did they do to her face?

Photo: © Missysippy_

#16. She’s a model and a successful one

Photo: © Crazy_Slice

#17. Do this face and hands belong to the same person?

Photo: © Savings-Jelly-5267

#18. No way he’s actually getting away with this

Photo: © ricekrispiies

#19. How can we trust people anymore?

Photo: © Lexiiboo97

#20. Yassified herself but left him the same. Fair enough

Photo: © Majesty0