20 Ridiculous Examples Of Failed Photoshop That We Felt Guilty To Be Laughing At

Photoshop, face tune, Instagram filters, and effects. Social media has become an evil breeding ground for flawless lifestyles and perfect bodies and faces. Faking a life is whole another subject of discussion but some people take simple photo editing too far making themselves look ridiculous.

We feel really guilty to laugh at these 20 photos of failed photoshop but they are so funny we just can’t help ourselves. Check the photos out and tell us sincerely did you cry or laugh out loud when seeing these?

#1. The girl in the car reflection looks a little similar to her

Photo: © illegalmemesforsale

#2. The amount of photoshop is just insane here

Photo: © atomic131

#3. Oh, boy… Is she real?

Photo: © h1t0m1f1shusb

#4. Whose face is on this body?

Photo: © velmazing44

#5. Yes, people, this is really the same person.

Photo: © futuredarlings

#6. I don’t see how this would make me want to buy the jeans…

Photo: © scaredoflife1918628

#7. Oh, makeup, what power you have to change a person so much

Photo: © Reddit_Ghost2021

#8. And you didn’t believe aliens are real

Photo: © dandoesdesign

#9. It’s giving… alien interference

Photo: © Foureyedlemon

#10. We refuse to believe this is the same person

Photo: © Pepperoncini69

#11. Why would anyone even do this?

Photo: © TheSynthezoid

#12. Arms are so swole they are acting like black holes.

Photo: © ostrich_fondlerer

#13. She looks good in her 60s, why would she do this?

Photo: © certified_rat

#14. Looks like the head shrunk too

Photo: © dabunnyking

#15. We’re all the victims of socials

Photo: © Empty_Ad4768

#16. Tell us, why would anyone do this to himself?

Photo: © fnwhatever

#17. Organs are overrated anyways.

Photo: © Columbus90

#18. Let’s talk about the face here

Photo: © analyzinganalyst77

#19. This is not funny at all

Photo: © MediumPsychological9

#20. And they think we’ll believe in anything

Photo: © joosth3