20 Really Failed Tattoos That Will Make You Laugh Hard Before Considering Options For Their Removal

We all have made decisions in our lives that we regretted afterward. To be more precise, we are speaking of people who rushed on getting a tattoo and forgot to make sure what artist they turned to, what exactly they got tattooed on their skin, or double-checked the spelling of what they got.

Anyway, the good news is that the advancement of cosmetic procedures now ensures the total removal of our past mistakes with just a touch of a laser. But before considering options for failed tattoo removals, we suggest having a good laugh or a pity by checking out this collection of the worst tattoos.

#1. Can you figure a scenario where the tattoo would come out good?

Photo: © georgiajane1

#2. This is what we call eyes wide shut

Photo: © catsyoga

#3. The obsessed fan named Stan.

Photo: © J0h4n50n

#4. Just did it, and now regret it

Photo: © suckytattoos

#5. This is an awful bus so sweet.

Photo: © burneracct378

#6. Lawnmower man got a new addition. What do you think??

Photo: ©. suckytattoos

#7. I don’t think I can tell her how bad this is.

Photo: © Apprehensive-Edge-37

#8. Comic sans though

Photo: © suckytattoos

#9. Christopher Walken or Steve Buscemi?

Photo: © SydWashedBrain

#10. Even Mufassa is speechless…

Photo: © FinnaBustNut

#11. Spotted on the beach. Go bulls!

Photo: © Burulambie

#12. Horses, anyone?

Photo: © rebeccatwosocks

#13. Evolution progression

Photo: © suckytattoos

#14. The greatest use of the double o

Photo: © suckytattoos

#15. He said: “Absolutely in love with it”

Photo: © TY-97Z

#16. This “dragon” came from a shop that charges $150/hr.

Photo: © FemmeDeLoria

#17. So ugly it’s beautiful!

Photo: © Easy-Hovercraft-6576

#18. We are evolving at light speed

Photo: © suckytattoos

#19. Custom English

Photo: © suckytattoos

#20. This tattoo is supposed to be patriotic

Photo: © nabnig