20 Rather Confusing Objects That Have Weird Faces On Them And Once You See Them You Can’t Unsee Them

Don’t think you have gone crazy if you see a car covered in snow look furious, a lounge chair enjoying the snow or a heater that looks extra happy. Life is full of surprises and can confuse us in the weirdest ways.

Be ready to witness some of them and prepare yourself to get lost in confusion before you figure out what’s actually happening in the photos.

#1. Why is this so crappy and funny?

Photo: © curluploose

#2. A Jeep in disbelief

Photo: © mr_leven_een

#3. This little guy is happy to provide heat.

Photo: © svasilopus

#4. OMG a potato

Photo: © Posted byu/similaraleatorio

#5. They’re always watching over you.

Photo: © ItsLSA

#6. This lounge chair definitely enjoys the snow

Photo: © pomorri

#7. This is what happens when you cut peppers

Photo: © 303_tech_guy

#8. Cheeky, happy Tesla wishing you a perfect day

Photo: © RegularHovercraft

#9. You don’t see it until you put an accessory on it

Photo: © whoreallycares32

#10. Looking like a mouth with red lipstick, and It’s slightly terrifying

Photo: © gooberdoober9876

#11. Meat Frog for dinner, and he’s happy about that

Photo: © curluploose

#12. As for us, we see a heart-shaped carrot

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#13. Everyone after holidays

Photo: © curluploose

#14. The forest has all the secrets

Photo: © BillyTBand

#15. Haunting realities

Photo: © kyttekyat

#16. Geologists find rare formations inside rock like Cookie Monster on Sesame Street.

Photo: © Consistent-Kitchen

#17. Chilling casually

Photo: © ommon_Coyote_3

#18. You have unlocked an angry bearded guy

Photo: © thevoges

#19. Contemplating life and being all dramatic

Photo: © AMoldyHam

#20. Ever seen such a creepy church?

Photo: © unknown