20 Rarest Things From Around The World That Were More Than Worth To Be Written In Our Textbooks But Were Not

Science, nature, and human beings never cease to surprise us. No matter how much we already know there are still so many astonishing discoveries that we are yet to make!

Did you know that a newborn baby has 100 more bones than an adult does? They have like 300 bones when they are born and these extra ones secure flexibility that helps them pass through the birth canal and grow rapidly. As time passes, these bones fuse.

The rarest and uncommon things in this world are not always written in our textbooks or Wikipedia, and if they are, very few people search for them to find out something interesting. In this post, we collected some facts about the rarest phenomena and want our readers to learn about them too.

So scroll down to check the photos and learn something new today!

#1. The Xoloitzcuintli is an ancient Aztec breed native to Mexico, once considered as guides for the dead on their journey to the underworld.

Photo: © eskylabs

#2. Incredibly detailed Stone sculpture by artist Luo Li Rong

Photo: © Peake37902

#3. An upside-down cactus

Photo: © pteroducktool

#4. Bombetoka bay at the coast of Madagascar as photographed by NASA (2020). Looks like a giant Octopus!

Photo: © eddSan

#5. An amazingly carved owl

Photo: © BerkshireMtnSculptor

#6. A Spiderweb covered in soot from a small kitchen fire

Photo: © Mikael-002

#7. Smoke hitting a sunbeam

Photo: © basura44

#8. Lions are fed with pig/cow blood in a Heatwave in Melbourne.

Photo: © genesisthedeathless

#9. The cute Heosemys Spinosa. His spikes are needle-sharp.

Photo: © Rymo751

#10. An Afghanistani man selling a variety of melons

Photo: © Jynxxie

#11. The tenant, who was apparently quite solution-oriented, didn’t mind and built her house around the tree.

Photo: © kokendekok

#12. One of the largest Hovercraft in the world.

Photo: © bigmeat

#13. A Roman-era skull found impaled with a large spike. Currently on display at the Rheinischen Landesmuseum in Bonn, Germany.

Photo: © Thestranger61

#14. So beautiful! Zaanse Schans, Netherlands

Photo: © nanofixed

#15. An Amazing Underwater Cave in Russia

Photo: © InternetPresent2823

#16. The Underwater Caves of The Riviera Maya, Mexico

Photo: © amonaloli12

#17. Isn’t this view amazing? A tiger walking through algae

Photo: © 6estined

#18. An incredible shot of the United Kingdom taken from the International Space Station


#19. Spooky scud clouds, recently captured in South Carolina

Photo: © ExploreMoreMysteries

#20. Chief Eli Mabel of the Dani tribe in Papua, Indonesia, holding his mummified ancestor who passed away centuries ago.

Photo: © arto71