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20 Puzzling Situations You’ll Break Your Brain Trying To Guess What’s Happening There

We love the games of guessing what is happening in the photos. Moreover, when the situations going on in the photos are extremely puzzling and weird to be true.

So let’s try to collect the puzzle together: we’ll try to caption each confusing photo and you write your version too, let’s see who guesses the best.

Scroll down to see the collection and prepare your brain for the most difficult game.

#1. Is this one of those water-cooled PCs we keep hearing about?

Photo: © Aye_Shay

#2. The balance of life

Photo: © /imakemediocreart

#3. I don’t feel very much like Pooh today, said Pooh.

Photo: © Inevitable_Juice_666

#4. Babe, you don’t have to understand this

Photo: © harold_the_cat

#5. Fun at the wax museum?

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#6. That’s cheeky

Photo: © throwawaygamh

#7. For when the fire’s just a little too high to reach

Photo: © 51de5h0

#8. “No one cared who I was until I put on the mask.”

Photo: © dontbenoseyplease

#9. Spider cat, spider cat. Does whatever a spider cat does.

Photo: © allowdabeef

#10. CamofLarge

Photo: © FelixLyons22

#11. He’s getting bare-backed by Jesus?

Photo: © Yosho2k

#12. It could be worse… could’ve found it on the bottom

Photo: © Satarn_27

#13. This looks so loud

Photo: © Godettee

#14. Nature does its best

Photo: © x2py

#15. Windows…Literally

Photo: © abandonedxearth

#16. Posing next to her preys

Photo: © Rredite

#17. You know life is life when you learn the correct way to do a covid test

Photo: © RedCyroVEVO

#18. The jumping contest may begin

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#19. Classic case of Don’t know the knot, tie a lot.

Photo: © DaddyCardano

#20. Press space.

Photo: © Redr_Evergrey