20 Puzzling Photos That Will Make You Wonder What’s Actually Going On There

What is depicted in a picture is a matter of individual perception. However, there are things and objects that are perceived in the same way by everyone, and when these things appear in unusual ways a weird confusion occurs.

This article is a collection of the weirdest stuff we may come across in ordinary things that are so puzzling they make us question some mainstream phenomena and wonder what is actually going on in these photos. Scroll down to see the photos and comment on the weirdest one.

#1. What’s the little hole for?

Photo: © lewisyext

#2. Are you having a rough day too?

Photo: © ReubenFroster56

#3. Weeping angel

Photo: © Absorbing_Professor_

#4. This is what happens when your cat bed is a sink

Photo: © meister2a

#5. The emperor protects!

Photo: © even_critical_blows

#6. Partners in crime

Photo: © dlb10oalgo

#7. Smoking makes you look cool.

Photo: © OrionSoul

#8. Russian creativity…

Photo: © lewisyext

#9. Doctor Jnusual has his ways

Photo: © Murmuringsum34

#10. A way to say: “do not touch!”

Photo: © Fresh_Death_

#11. Well, this is a cool idea for a sculpture

Photo: © Fresh_Death_

#12. What’s happening here?

Photo: © AirBender14

#13. If you look long you may see it says “hope”

Photo: © Maryshka_

#14. The road to nowhere

Photo: © y3llowcantaloupe

#15. He obviously has “vein days” at the gym

Photo: © seven_critical_blows

#16. Fashion has its rules…

Photo: © lewisyext

#17. Kids also wanna have fun.

Photo: © Affectionate_Row9949

#18. Real friends are always by your side

Photo: © lewisyext

#19. What has happened to her arm?

Photo: © Glorious_Camera_

#20. Secret rituals…

Photo: © lewisyext