20 Puzzling Photos That Are So Confusing It’s Impossible To Guess What’s Going On There

Looking through photos with a confusing perspective is always fun. You see an object then look closer to see you are looking at something completely different. And there are the cases when the situation is so perfectly puzzling that it’s hard to realize what you actually see even when taking a closer look.

Well, let’s see how puzzling the photos in this collection are.

Scroll down to see these really puzzling moments that we bet you won’t be able to give an explanation to many of them. Let’s go!

#1. Just having some coffee at the beach…

Photo: © phobos00000

#2. How long did it take you to realize there’s nothing wrong with that shadow

Photo: © UniqueHornet5386

#3. When you bring up a monster

Photo: © Wonderlustking1

#4. “Floating” in the middle of the path

Photo: © washington_breadstix

#5. What happens when Mosquito flies just in front of the camera.

Photo: © Adrian31760

#6. Toxic Swan Spill

Photo: © abaganoush

#7. Meet the little giant

Photo: © TruStoryz

#8. Vanish into the sea…

Photo: © StovardBule

#9. Taking a step forward or?

Photo: © realmofthehungry

#10. Does he even know he is wearing heels?

Photo: © ayzick

#11. Did anyone else think this is an umbrella?

Photo: © /iamjobin

#12. This is a photo of a car actually

Photo: © vapejews

#13. Would you be disappointed if I told you this is a plastic bag?

Photo: © Amr-Saad

#14. Lifeguard transporting someone on his board

Photo: © SuqueMyCoque

#15. Petting a dog. What else did you think?

Photo: © NW7l2335

#16. Not a short-legged man.

Photo: © futuredarlings

#17. Air force one taking off from Heathrow

Photo: © Lego_Master4

#18. Mercury’s still alive

Photo: © M4NGOpickle

#19. Clouds also need rest sometimes

Photo: © TruStoryz

#20. You only see it once…

Photo: © 5am281