20 Puzzling Photos In Which Logic Is Nowhere To Be Found

Life finds ways to catch us off guard in every step, but the human imagination and what we are able to do and create always stays a puzzle to us. How is it possible that there are 8 billion people in the world, and each perceives logic in their own way; some even lack it completely?

We at Modern Mood have again compiled a collection of photos where logic is nowhere to be found. Well, we have tried to explain some of them, but we’re not sure that we succeeded. So let’s check out the photos and try to find explanations together.

#1. Cookies, anyone?

Photo: © Harvickfan4Life

#2. Honestly, we can’t even comment on what’s going on here

Photo: © CombatConrad

#3. The long-missing evolutionary step to prove the existence of lizard people

Photo: © osmediaschannel

#4. From the makers of “the kitchen gun.”

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#5. We have so many questions

Photo: © DevoidNoMore

#6. All we can do is smell the picture

Photo: © Vester56

#7. Why would anyone spend time on this?

Photo: © koonsbmw1

#8. Practical and functional…

Photo: © /n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#9. These boots are made for walking…

Photo: © nameaboveallnames

#10. Matching day

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#11. What a lovely chandelier. It lights the room differently.

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#12. “I installed the bridge, Boss.”

Photo: © Volsadite

#13. He died for your shivs

Photo: © n0tP3anut-_-nhannT_T

#14. Chiquita landed on your car

Photo: © x2py

#15. 2015 porcelain Laa-Laa incident

Photo: © hwell_itsmel

#16. Missing the onion rings here

Photo: © demondays__

#17. Things to ask on the first date: do you put the meat inside the bread or the bread inside the meat?

Photo: © northead

#18. Why do we get an album cover vibes?

Photo: © giving_recreation

#19. You can’t go back! What’s done cannot be undone.

Photo: © x2py