20 Photos That Should Be Included In School Textbooks To Make Everything Clear To Everyone

Some facts come to prove that things in our textbooks are sometimes distorted, exaggerated, or even false. For example, we’ve always been taught that bulls can’t see any color but red and that’s the reason why they get angry when they see the red cape or muleta of the fighter. Will you be much disappointed if we told you that bulls can’t see and recognize any color at all? It’s only the sound of muleta movement that makes these animals go wild not the color be it red or blue.

Such and many other interesting things that weren’t taught at school were found on the Internet with the help of users who shared these facts. Scroll down to see the photos and be truly impressed!

#1. A stack of coins in a pocket of a World War I soldier helped stop a bullet

Photo: © cexi_boi69

#2. Incredibly detailed train carved from a pencil tip. Artist: Cindy Chinn

Photo: © SomeoneFromGalar

#3. Parachute Frog. They live almost exclusively in the trees, descending only to mate and lay eggs.

Photo: © husker3in4

#4. If the beaver were an artist.

Photo: © GoldenChinchilla

#5. An “Apache revolver” used by early 1900s French gangsters, the weapon worked as a gun, knife, and brass knuckles all at the same time.

Photo: © dysfunctionalpanini

#6. In the 1950s, mad scientist Vladimir Demikhov created a two-headed dog

Photo: © husker3in4

#7. The crystallized dress left in the Dead Sea for 2 months by Sigalit Landau, 2016

Photo: © Gophix_

#8. Samurai helmet (kabuko) shaped like an octopus. The 1700s, Japan.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#9. The electrical wiring in Cambodia is so hideous

Photo: © yungandreww

#10. Greater Blue-eared Starling, the common beauty of open woodland

Photo: © UnluckyAd9757

#11. Greek gold finger ring with Helios (Sun), 4th-3rd c.BC.

Photo: © SonOfQuora

#12. Woah. Look at the length of Owls legs!!

Photo: © Fluid-Daydreamer

#13. The same building reflection looks yellow in the left front eye and pink in the right!

Photo: © f4lc0r7

#14. Times Square, New York City, 1903

Photo: © Bodzio1981

#15. A Vampire Squid. They use their unique oxygen metabolism to thrive in the parts of the ocean with the lowest concentrations of oxygen.

Photo: © Angeneeehm

#16. The blue-eyed Buton tribe of Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Photo: © genius23sarcasm

#17. Ancient Greek Architecture is simply mesmerizing

Photo: ©. Auxxit

#18. This is what a newborn alligator looks like. Cutie pie

Photo: © IamPotato14

#19. A silencer for tanks.

Photo: © Comprehensive-Ice-64

#20. What’s more shocking, the size of the tree or taking it down using a hand saw?

Photo: © husker3in4