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20 Photos That Once Again Show How Time Can Change Everything

Time has a funny way of changing things. If you’ve ever looked at old clothes and wondered why they look faded, chances are they weren’t fashionable—they just lost their color over time. Many things change and break in quite unexpected ways over time.

We must admit that we are all slaves of time, and we have photographs to prove it. Don’t forget to check out our “dessert” feature, which will show you how wonderful time can be.

1. My husband’s decade-old computer chair vs the new one the same model I am surprising him with tonight

2. Countless hours of wind moved the chains to get this piece of art

3. Not that bad but I got some new skateboard wheels. the spitfire went through a lot and will still go a bit further. they were 52mm, the bones are 53mm

4. The spots in front of the tellers at the bank have warped over the last few years. Located in Philly

5. Thor no.3 double copper hammers – new vs 8 years use

6. Well-worn floor at the doctor’s office

7. Top pair is about 5 years old, and were already pretty worn! Just found the bottom pair

8. Old phone case vs brand new! My phone feels so much better now!

9. Door at Cathédral Notre-Dame in Luxembourg

10. My dad and grandpa got matching Bibles in 1975; one was used, and one wasn’t

11. Friday footwear! These bad boys have seen some shit

12. Leopard statues at the Pittsburgh Zoo

13. Toothbrush used to clean disposable razor for re-use after shaving

14. Soap and mini soap

15. This bathroom stall floor

16. Purchased my first and only pair in the Summer of 2002 to have slip-on for a football camp when I was in High School. Since then they’ve been through 3 Combat Deployments, 6 countries, 4 lakes, 4 beaches, and countless memories. Purchased new ones 20 years later

17. Replaced my cat’s favorite toy

18. My old hat (6 years of frequent use) compared to my new one

19. This net has done its time

20. The same pair of work boots after approximately 8000 hours