20 Photos Showing How Majestic Nature Is That Will Make Anyone Hold Their Breath

Everything in life and art is inspired by Nature. How else would people create a bridal attire if not for the amazing albino peacock walking in the wilderness?

Every creature is amazing with its forms and colors, every phenomenon is astonishing and has the power to take our breath away. And the most incredible thing is that even if we see thousands of striking phenomena and unique creatures of flora and fauna, there will always be a major part left to amaze us humans to the core.

Now scroll down to see the photos that will simply make you gasp and think that our world is damn fantastic.

#1. A beautiful albino peacock that looks like it wore a wedding dress

Photo: © Beast667Neighbour

#2. Volcano Snails have shells made of iron and they live in 750 degrees Fahrenheit hydrothermal vents.

Photo: © Ok-Outlandishness-53

#3. How cute is this sea turtle?

Photo: © Kelly240361

#4. The way this leopard stares is just gorgeous

Photo: © nxghtmarefuel

#5. Crystal clear water of Sardinia, Italy.

Photo: © amy2kim22

#6. If this is hell then it is too beautiful

Photo: © Wamges

#7. Looking up at a drone

Photo: © MTPokitz

#8. The Harpy Eagle, a neotropical species of eagle.

Photo: © piefordays

#9. A Blue Jay and a Cardinal have a little confrontation. Both birds can be found in North America.

Photo: © KoopaTheParaTroopa

#10. The amazing tree Tunnel Essen, in Germany

Photo: © amy2kim22

#11. The perfect moment of a snake getting a fresh catch

Photo: © pixxelzombie

#12. In Evolutionary Biology, “red” often means danger/don’t eat me or you will get sick or die. What does it means for this Malagasy Grasshopper?

Photo: © doctor_karl

#13. Nature is incredible, isn’t it?

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#14. Isn’t this the best kind of camouflage?

Photo: © d3333p7

#15. Dalian Table Legrock. This astonishing natural rock formation is located off the coast of Camel Mountain landscape in China.

Photo: © HeyIamShy

#16. Breathtaking reflections at the end of day.

Photo: © Kayatoker

#17. Philippine Tarsiers have the largest eye-to-body size ratio of all mammals

Photo: © Vivadrat

#19. One of the largest trees in the world is the Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park in Tulare County, California, USA

Photo: © Almighty1796

#20. This is so realistic. “RED EYES” Illustration – Diego Salas

Photo: © HelioX17