20 Photos Reminding Us That As Amazing As Nature Is It Still Can Get Terrifying As Hell

We can’t stop talking about the majesty and the incredibility of Nature, the fantastic creatures and the diversity of Flora and Fauna, the mesmerizing phenomena and organisms that are waiting for their turn to be discovered every and each day.

As much as amazing our Nature is, it is also home to the most hideous and terrifying creatures. The wildest and the most horrific side of nature becomes evident in the eyes of its freakiest creatures and their skin and behavior. This collection will show how wild this world can be and reveal the scary power of the most mesmerizing creatures.

#1. A male springbok with the gnarliest horn deformity

Photo: © Culycon276

#2. Creepy blue leg centipede

Photo: © iByteABit

#3. Black Panther hating the snow

Photo: © dee_snutz

#4. Hyena taking a breather after gorging itself on a hippo carcass

Photo: © KimCureAll

#5. Deer shedding and eating the velvet off of their antlers…

Photo: © bray-b-boi

#6. When a golden eagle attacks a deer much heavier than itself, the eagle’s goal is not to carry it away but rather to hang on and weaken the animal until it can kill the deer with its beak and claws. The eagle will feed on the deer wherever it dies and continue to feed on it for some days.

Photo: © KimCureAll

#7. The King Cobra is the longest venomous snake and can deliver up to 600 mg of venom, enough to kill an elephant

Photo: © Krowsfeet

#8. All hail, Lord Ice Moth

Photo: © willierthanyou

#9. Spitting Cobra can cause permanent blindness!

Photo: © squarepusher6

#10. A fly killed itself on a splinter

Photo: © weenphisher76

#11. The fullest power of nature

Photo: © he-groups

#12. Showing some spirit

Photo: © KimCureAll

#13. So powerful and so scary at the same time

Photo: © OncaAtrox

#14. Preparing for an attack

Photo: © chinmayananda

#15. The hell of cicadas

Photo: © beckoning_cat

#16. Painted anemones are something else at low tide.

Photo: © alexkelsh

#17. Hyena carrying an elephant’s foot

Photo: © bogbunzhun

#18. How creepy is this three-horned bull?

Photo: © bats000

#19. Great White just missed this juicy seal

Photo: © OneAngryBlutbad

#20. Found on an island in the Mediterranean Sea

Photo: © ClickbaitDetective

#Bonus: Squirrels are secretly into ménage à trois.

Photo: © Tinea_Pedis