20 Photos Reminding Us Not Lose Positivity When Luck Turns Its Back On Us

Life is like a zebra with black and white lines or a stair with ups and downs. Whenever there is a black line in your life, just remember that it’s a matter of time until this line gets white again. Of course, it’s easier to comfort someone with these words, but those who experience bad days need a lot more than just words. Let’s face it when bad luck happens, there is not much we can do rather than be patient, hope for the better, or sometimes even laugh.

We have selected 20 photos of people experiencing a bad day that are somewhat funny and hilarious. Scroll down to see the collection, and don’t ever lose your positivity even at times when luck turns its back on you.

#1. It’s time to think about putting a bag over the mirror…

Photo: © kid_entropy

#2. What happens when you leave your work gloves outside for a couple of days

Photo: © another-modern-leper

#3. So now you have to eat dirty sink pasta

Photo: © BobbyLeHobbit

#4. A pretty shitty day, huh?

Photo: © aceslew95

#5. When temperature control goes out

Photo: © OvertlyOffensive

#6. Can you smell the picture?

Photo: © Jfqlending

#7. Put it back and pretend it wasn’t you

Photo: © Hippirain420

#8. Ok, but you’re still coming to work, right?

Photo: © Imrealcheese

#9. Trees can be vicious these days

Photo: © /LeftyRodriguez

#10. When you take sewing too seriously

Photo: © Secretlyablackcat

#11. For the Hombres that didn’t make it.

Photo: © PullUpYourS0cks

#12. The X-ray of the nail in my hand

Photo: © Truckeeseamus

#13. Just spent the last 3 hours cooking for family coming over…then they brought their own takeaway to eat.

Photo: © grey-clouds

#14. When after all, you end up gluing yourself

Photo: © oguevolcano

#15. Airbnb with a surprise waiting for us

Photo: ©

#16. The first night, something bit me.

Photo: © RazeBlods

#17. Wind can do a severe harm

Photo: © legomaniac89

#18. Pizza slid. I got burned while attempting to catch it, but it eventually fell to the floor…

Photo: © parachutes1987

#19. The same neighbor’s car explodes two times in 4 months

Photo: © 69for_president

#20. Can’t quite work out how that would happen?

Photo: © Salty-Article3888