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20 Photos Proving Why It Is Always Better To See Something Once Than Hear About It For A Million Times

Have you ever wondered what a Chimpanzee’s skin looks like under all that hair or does a two-headed tortoise really exist? You may never have wondered but will surely be willing to see some photo proof.

Moreover, when there is yet more interesting and astonishing stuff prepared in this article.

So just scroll down to see what we have compiled for you because it’s always better to see once than to hear a thousand times. Let’s go, people!

#1. What chimpanzees look like under all that hair. Look at that muscle!

Photo: © imac1987

#2. Body painting festival in Equatorial Guinea.

Photo: © kadecin254

#3. The pygmy marmoset, native to rainforests of the western Amazon Basin in South America, is notable for being the smallest monkey and one of the smallest primates in the world, at just over 100 grams

Photo: © KimCureAll

#4. An Albino Vulture, only one known in existence

Photo: © iltifaat_yousuf

#5. In 1992, the Miami Zoo put 30 flamingos in the bathroom to protect them from Hurricane Andrew.

Photo: © /Hf8uz

#6. Butterflies have compound eyes, which means they have pseudopupils! These are not actual pupils but some facets of their compound eye that appear very dark when directly facing the viewer, as light refracts off all other angles, forming these darker pupil-like centers.

Photo: © Fishylips

#7. Cuvier’s Beaked Whales, which live in deep waters around the world, are capable of reaching depths of 9,816 feet below the surface when hunting for food and can hold their breath for up to 3.7 hours hours

Photo: © drakejones99

#8. Mount Rainier in Washington

Photo: © PR0CR45T184T0R

#9. Thereuopoda longicornis after shedding its skin

Photo: © the_karma_llama

#10. Landscape perfectly divided by this railing

Photo: © killHACKS

#11. The winning sand sculpture of 2019’s Texas Sand Sculpture Festival sad

Photo: © mailarc3456wt4r3

#12. Majestic Canadian snow Lynx

Photo: © cheat2000silkroad

#13. What a CT scanner looks like without the cover.

Photo: © whiskrep

#14. The eyes of the Stygian Owl are regularly yellow but they reflect a red glow when illuminated

Photo: © WhyIsLife12

#15. Endless snow-covered forest in Finland

Photo: © mrvxv

#16. The Titan Arum, also called the corpse flower, is the largest flower in the world

Photo: © zZBluewalrusZz

#17. Om Prakash, a 10-year-old kid from India, saved 8 children out of a burning school bus.

Photo: © SarinaCroft

#18. A view of the destruction in Old Town Dresden from the Town Hall tower, 15 Feb 1945.

Photo: © Detours1204

#19. When they ask if there’s much wind where we live…

Photo: © monwaxog

#20. A two-headed tortoise.

Photo: © sipthestreets