20 Photos Of Wolfhounds Revealing How Sweet They Are In Spite Of Their Size

It’s easy to distinguish a wolfhound by its most apparent descriptive feature – height. Irish wolfhounds are believed to date back to 391 AD and were mainly used for hunting. Gaels called them Cú Faoil meaning hound or wolf. These dogs’ height can reach 76-81 cm weighing up to 70 kg.

But the height is not the only thing that makes these dogs so unique. They come with variations of colors from the most common white, black, brindle, fawn, creamy to even red and blue.
Their size might be a little intimidating but believe me, wolfhounds are the friendliest and sweet-tempered dogs.

Owners describe them as very patient, affectionate, loyal, and dignified dogs that won’t ever harm anybody. Need proof? That’s why we prepared this post with the sweetest hounds that will show how lovable and playful they are, and even funny from time to time.

Scroll down to see these adorable big boys and upvote your favorite one!

#1. Look how still and adorable he is!

Photo: © withac2

#2. The huge and sweet guard – Irish Wolfhound

Photo: © Chillonymous

#3. Seamus the Irish Wolfhound is a gentle giant

Photo: © mac_is_crack

#4. Irish wolfhounds – “two subwoofers”

Photo: © Herculaya

#5. Tormaigh loves his mommy!

Photo: © MrsSquishyToad

#6. What have you done again?

Photo: © PhilGallagher17

#7. He’s just a giant baby

Photo: © Susanec1

#8. When Enzo decides to have a sit he leaves you no choice.

Photo: © enzoandfischtv

#9. Guess who is the boss?

Photo: © FraxinusRex

#10. Meet Keeva, the biggest good girl

Photo: © il_directore

#11. The tallest boi

Photo: © HocusPenis

#12. Still a baby asking to sit on his lap

Photo: © chonagalletes_

#13. Moxie three and a half years old

Photo: © Ok_Philosophy1972

#14. I’m a foot taller than mom! And she’s not little.

Photo: © siriuswolfhound

#15. Who said you can’t be tall and so cute?

Photo: © jballs2213

#16. Zeus & Cola. Look how cute they are?

Photo: © irishwolfhounds_of_nemeton

#17. Too hot to do anything else

Photo: © adventures_with_huckleberry

#18. Pan, my big ol’ 2 year old

Photo: © sheheirophant

#19. Manny Magic – can make a queen size bed look like a twin

Photo: © manny_thewolfhound

#20. Size is also an illusion

Photo: © FaceFirst23