20 Photos Of The Only Animals That Can Cross The Lines Of Personal Space And We Forgive Them Anyway

The only animals that can cross the lines of personal space and we have no other way but to forgive them. Tell us honestly, what animal came to your mind after reading this headline?

Cat owners will answer this question at once. Acting like a little bitch and naughty as hell is in the nature of any living cat. The only way to tame a cat is in no way! They do whatever they like, go wherever they please, and don’t give a damn about anything. God, how much we’d love being a cat.

Our team has prepared 20 photos that will blow your mind but cat owners actually live with that.

#1. Can my wife get one damn minute to sleep while kids are napping? No, no, she can’t.

Photo: © Carboc01

#2. Wasn’t like we were trying to play a game or anything…

Photo: © eve_713

#3. Chairish the time you had with it cause CATastrophy happened

Photo: © hdofu

#4. When breakfast is late he sits on my bladder with surgical precision

Photo: © HelpfulCitizen

#5. Have to eat my cereal standing up because she always finds a way onto our table.

Photo: © sp00kygiirl

#6. Little bitch pretends she wants to cuddle then CHOMP, time to fight.

Photo: © DizzyCuntNC

#7. Try to postpone your plans, the boss is sleeping

Photo: © CommaDelimitedList

#8. When you walk away from your vegetable soup for five seconds…

Photo: © wenowlivein1984

#9. When you ask her not to sit on the laptop

Photo: © summerpeachxox

#10. The riskiest camouflage

Photo: © blahblah_why_why

#11. No idea who could possibly do this

Photo: © serious01black

#12. And they insist on putting their assholes in your face at 3 am

Photo: © rugby_bug

#13. Every time he gets bored

Photo: © tpbafk74

#14. I guess we won’t be working on the puzzle tonight

Photo: © otchris

#15. Cat hair everywhere…

Photo: © kweenllama

#16. She threw the papers on the floor because she decided they were taking too much space on her seat

Photo: © Mademoiselle-Macabre

#17. I swear the television fell by itself

Photo: © LianLian027

#18. The lil shit got what it wanted

Photo: © Metalatitsfinest

#19. Nothing special just enjoying hanging like a bat.

Photo: © bubbaharris

#20. It’s ten times better to sit on freshly cleaned clothes

Photo: © DangOlTiddies