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20 Photos Of Shameful Teenage Years Everyone Laughs At Until They Remember Theirs

Before you scroll down to see this hilarious collection of the shameful teenage years of some people and crack from laughter, let me ask a question. Do you remember yourself in your blunder years? Do you remember what your profile pic in myspace looked like?

If not, then it’s high time you did some digging in the old photo albums, you may find some treasures there. If you just did that, please don’t hesitate to share your teenage experience with us and give us some laughter back too!

#1. This is what his very first date looked like, and yours?

Photo: © makeskidskill

#2. I wanted to be a sniper. Everyone thought I was a bush.

Photo: © clothedandnotafraid

#3. 4 going on 40 with this 90s glamour shot

Photo: © supafly74

#4. Back then keyboard men were the coolest

Photo: © jvcrump

#5. Let some trippy goths do my makeup, circa 2011

Photo: © Unfair-Entrance-3641

#6. We all had times we regret now

Photo: © basmati_relish_trail

#7. 1997 – Epcot. My parents love to bring this picture out and tell folks to meet “Helga”

Photo: © carlid13

#8. Everything looks okay until you see it

Photo: © ohnikkiyouresofine

#9. This definitely made it onto MySpace. Circa 2007.

Photo: © LSD_IDIOT

#10. Me, a straight female, trying to impress my crush by being one of the guys. I’m on the right.

Photo: © mintleaf64

#11. Took school dances a little too seriously.

Photo: © mackzegreat

#12. Why on Earth did they wear these shirts?

Photo: © Tomoe-Gozen

#13. My friend’s daughter found me in our junior high yearbook. And they laughed and laughed…

Photo: © dumbbelle

#14. Before a Disturbed concert in 2006. We’re so cool posing in front of Mom and the van.

Photo: © Shewolfkitty

#15. I had embraced my nerdy outcast status and went to school like this

Photo: © WhacksOnAnonOff

#16. But the glow up won’t be late

Photo: © olive007

#17. The real scary part is that I am in fact a girl

Photo: © Livi-Boi

#18. Used to show at the University this way

Photo: © darkangel10848

#19. We were allowed to bring an object to hold for class picture day…

Photo: © SmartyPanty

#20. The epic photo from teenage years

Photo: © Panchosancha