20 Photos Of People Who Started Their Weight Loss Journey And Shared Their Transformations To Inspire Others Too

Weight gain is caused by various reasons like stress, aging, treatment of some diseases, and others. When it comes to obesity it is not just a cosmetic issue but a serious medical concern since the excessive amount of body fat can increase the risk of such diseases as blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.

So both health and beauty are the goals to reach when fighting obesity. However, it’s not the easiest journey to go through. It takes courage, willpower, and commitment to kick start the process. Believe me, once you start and notice little changes it will encourage you to keep going until you get what you’ve put your mind on.

We know what some people need to get started is a little motivation to push them forward and we are here to inspire change with this collection of people showcasing their willpower. Our team has prepared amazing before and after photos of incredible transformations of people who accepted the challenge and shared their progress with others.

So just check out the photos and share with us your progress too!

#1. “I make real choices to get me there. I am in control of the life I live!”

Photo: © keto_meals_plans

#2. “Not just daydreaming about what I want, fantasizing about a life that seems out of reach.”

Photo: © fatlosstips.igs

#3. “It’s remarkable how my body has been able to withstand all the weight, all the stress of the weight and the bouncing back as I’ve lost hundreds of pounds of fat.”

Photo: © weight_loss_stories__

#4. No more excuses!

Photo: © ideaveon

#5. An incredible transformation

Photo: © okinawatonicreview2021

#6. Loose pants are the reminders to never quit halfway!

Photo: © gghabib

#7. And what is your excuse?

Photo: © miriellen

#8. A perfect example of willpower!

Photo: © crossfat_oficial

#9. We are just speechless here!

Photo: © dieta.asf10

#10. “Just because you’re older doesn’t mean you can’t change and change DEEPLY.”

Photo: © weightloss_mariana

#11. One more amazing transformation! 222lb

Photo: © DamnQuail

#12. “I want to post this here because I’m proud…but I’m not finished! 7 months and 125lbs down!”

Photo: © leetstreet101

#13. “I lost 6 dress sizes and every pair of pants with an “XL” or “L” were in the garbage.⁣”

Photo: © adela.0210

#14. What else do you need to get motivated?

Photo: © kuhlease

#15. “Never stop fighting for yourself”

Photo: © journey2marz

#16. 2.5 years of hard work eventually paid off

Photo: © Toxic_Effect76

#17. “Just start and don’t stop. Change takes time, but the journey never ends, so make good choices and learn to love your body .”

Photo: © newhealthtipsforyou

#18. Work hard, play harder!

Photo: © IIECH0II

#19. This is what happens when you don’t want to give up!

Photo: © celina.queen2707

#20. “This girl reminds me every day how far I’ve come and that I can do anything “

Photo: © waitghloss369