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20 Photos Of People Who Showed The World What The Real Glow-up Looks Like

Nothing in this world is given. Success is earned, and goals are achieved by painstaking work, sweat, and tears. It always seems impossible until it’s done. So once you start the hard journey of working on yourself, the progress itself will show how far you’ve come and how close you are standing next to your goals.

Instead of doing nothing and dreaming about progress, some people pulled themselves together and started acting on their goals. We have prepared a motivating collection of 20 photos of people who showed the world what dedicated work and real progress look like.

Check the photos and rate these glow-ups on a scale of 0-10. Let’s go!

#1. If you can dream it, you can do it!

Photo: © Novel-Belt5122

#3. Can you believe how far he has come?

Photo: © BECOST

#4. Focusing on the progress was the key

Photo: © DivinePuddingQueen

#5. The girl on the left couldn’t have imagined coming this far

Photo: © sugar_allergic

#6. Believe in yourself, and everything will be possible.

Photo: © markstachowski

#7. The best view comes after the hardest climb

Photo: © TroubleHeliXX

#8. A year’s worth of progress

Photo: © imivani

#9. New life!

Photo: © hellodaily

#10. Success comes to those who act

Photo: © virgggo

#11. Only stop when you are done

Photo: © willhikeforbeer

#12. Don’t wish for it; work for it!

Photo: © midwestasallheck

#13. Without struggle, there is no success

Photo: © LittyKittyBloom

#14. Try a litter harder to be a little better

Photo: © undaramATX

#15. Success is not given; it’s earned

Photo: © PinGroundbreaking739

#16. Don’t stop until you are proud

Photo: © The-Uninvited

#17. Sharing progress brings you closer you your goals

Photo: © klutz299

#18. It’s incredible how fat hides our facial features.

Photo: © eoqw

#19. It always seems impossible until it’s done

Photo: © solo2070

#20. The harder you work, the better you get

Photo: © dirtbike213