20 Perfectly Preserved Old Items That Even After A Lifetime Of Usage Still Look Brand New

Old is gold. Whoever first said this must’ve known what he’s talking about. All the stuff in this collection will silently prove it. Time spares no one and nothing but it sure has its favorites for whom it makes some exceptions.

People that look younger over time, objects that still operate even after ages of being used – these are all solid examples of those exceptions. We have compiled in this article some very old stuff that even after years of being used still operate like new and it pretty amazing.

Check out the photos and tell us what have you been using this long?

#1. “Bought this palette knife over 30 years ago and have created countless paintings with it.”

Photo: © Familiar_Big3322

#2. “After 15+ years of almost everyday use, I’m planning on replacing my old RM Williams boots.”

Photo: © perkamperin

#3. “Just got done detailing my grandpa’s 1971 Schwinn racer! These bikes were built for life that’s for sure!”

Photo: © WillisTheApe

#4. “My car turned 30 today and rolled over 247,000 miles.”

Photo: © JuanOffhue

#5. “My girlfriend uses this sewing machine to make masks. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.”

Photo: © My girlfriend uses this sewing machine to make masks. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.

#6. “A 1967 35mm Minolta AL-F rangefinder. Bought for fun, for about $15. Works surprisingly well. Beautiful colors.”

Photo: © nxspam

#7. “Bought this Omega Time Computer from its original owner today. 45 years old, still looks almost brand new and functions perfectly.”

Photo: © Hrmnsn

#8. “My Great Grandfather’s Elgin Pocket watch, made in 1917. “

Photo: © RogueTheJewels

#9. Willie Nelson’s “trigger”, his guitar of choice for over 45 years even with the gaping hole in the body

Photo: © rdlinke

#10. “This used to wake me up for school in the 5th grade. I’m 39 now.”

Photo: © AnImbroglio

#11. “My Uncle’s 56 year old tortoise he inherited from my grandparents.”

Photo: © Saucy_Lemur

#12. 97 year old waterman 52.

Photo: © Jiggles42

#13. 1956 GE Liberator stove, still going strong after 64 years.

Photo: © allisynWinchester

#14. “My 20+year-old toothbrush (left) next to my wife’s 10-year-old brush.”

Photo: © nikdahl

#15. Frigidaire RD-20-64. Serving this home since 1964 and EVERY feature is functional

Photo: © turb0p0tato

#16. “Just been gifted my parents’ Le Creuset saucepan set. They got it as a wedding gift 40 years ago. Has had everyday use since”

Photo: © SamTurvill

#17. ” My 1929 victrola portable has been through 2 floods but she still works and has never been rebuilt.”

Photo: © djkrohn97

#18. Zip-Dee Chair is over 40 years old and still going strong.

Photo: © erikyouahole

#19. “My +35 y/o fire truck that my son now plays with. It still has the orange shag carpet my father put on the seat to make it more comfortable.”

Photo: © Buster_Bluth__

#20. Bought it 30 years ago and it still looks like new

Photo: © capilot