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20 People Whom The Bad Luck Attracted Like A Magnet But We Still Don’t Want To Call Them Losers

The more superstitious you are the more it tends to prove its existence is justified. Those who resiliently avoid bad luck are keener to experience it in one way or another. And this is not something we just came up with but a real scientific fact.

We can’t be sure whether these people are trying so hard to avoid the bad luck that it attracts them like a magnet or whatever, but one thing is certain that we definitely had a better day than them.

Scroll down to see the compilation and remember this has nothing to do with being a loser, haha.

#1. $400 window replacement to steal a pair of $20 headphones

Photo: © FoxxBox

#2. The box said 3000 pieces. A week of quarantine tells me it’s 2999.

Photo: © NotACrowbot

#3. Never park under a tree during migrating season

Photo: © Mr_MV

#4. “Dropping a medical injection worth $12,000 on the carpet and bending the needle.” What medical injection costs that much, by the way?

Photo: © Akward_Salamander

#5. When a bee settles in your bottle

Photo: © Hegfith

#6. Mother Nature decided that this BMW should be a convertible.

Photo: © Deej-OP

#7. What happens when you order simple chicken wings

Photo: © cunttwatula

#8. Just took off the cover of my 200 USD beanbag to wash it and found this

Photo: © im50b0r3d

#9. When you’re trying to remove a stubborn nail but it removes you first

Photo: © otc108

#10. Who’s had a loser morning?

Photo: © EvanMBurgess

#11. Rate this tan line on a scale of 1-10

Photo: © hopininamopin

#12. My boss’s secretary quit this morning after delivering breakfast.

Photo: © whothefuqisdan

#13. Remember to not let your epoxy boards in direct sunlight this summer

Photo: © Unknown

#14. First thought it was rice on my garbage can this morning but after a closer look, they were moving…

Photo: © Agnar_95

#15. Was in a middle seat and paid an extra $ to upgrade to a “window” seat.

Photo: © baconismadefromcats

#16. My neighbour’s tree went through my house yesterday

Photo: © SN2Chainz

#17. About 70 bites on my legs and still no one knows what bites me

Photo: © angealhassan

#18. Got home from vacation only to find out our fridge and freezer have been dead for 10 days.

Photo: © deadfeather19

#19. I’m an idiot and my wife won’t stop laughing at me.

Photo: © Shaneblaster

#20. Fallen trees know how to take revenge

Photo: © Thechum-bucket