20 People Who Overused Photoshop And The Results Are So Ridiculous That Now We Can’t Stop Laughing At Them

Remember how we said in our previous post that photoshop opens the door to endless possibilities when it comes to editing and that it only ends where our imagination does. Well, we’ve brought some classic proof to this.

Some people are so “skilled” in photoshopping that obviously there is even no end to their imagination, so how can we possibly speak of limits here, huh? They have gone so far that completely lost the last connection with reality.

Yeah, we know that photoshop is the best and quickest remedy for breakouts, eye circles, and dull skin but please don’t get carried away while you’re trying to fix the littlest things because you might end up being ridiculed.

We know that it’s too impolite to crack from laughter but we can’t resist ourselves. And You?

#1. Why did she have to do this to herself?

Photo: © SnooEagles343

#2. Please, someone, explain this

Photo: © TopsyTheElephant

#3. No, this can’t be real

Photo: © twittlez

#4. Instagram vs. Morning show

Photo: © mrzltn

#5. The fitness model that’s keeping it real.

Photo: © HotelIndiaFoxtrot

#6. We hope that she was just kidding

Photo: © scorpiopath_

#7. No filter, no makeup

Photo: © OriginalGSpot

#8. This is even intimidating

Photo: © MsLunaValentine

#9. How is this credible?

Photo: © marcapatit0

#10. Posted photo vs tagged photo

Photo: © Zukkies

#11. She could be an Olympic swimmer with those flippers!

Photo: ©AndreasBerthou

#12. The perfect man exists

Photo: © OpnerOner

#13. Now she is selling ‘curvy body’ powder when all she does is photoshop…

Photo: © foggy_sleep

#14. Who else thinks she’s gone too far?

Photo: © dizzea

#15. Looks like a completely different person.

Photo: © tedcruziszodiac

#16. So bright…everything

Photo: © TheMiddleE

#17. The heavy Facetune makes her unrecognizable.

Photo: © /meany_beany

#18. Forgot to photoshop the other boob

Photo: © thisismyusername5891

#19. Pay attention to details here!

Photo: © Librae25

#10. They call her the “queen of Serbia”…

Photo: © prolelol