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20 People Experiencing A Rough Day That Have Put Us In Pain Too

How do you differentiate a good day from a bad day? Obviously, when something good happens to people during the day, they call it a good one but the day with unexpected challenges and lack of luck is obviously a bad one.

So, how will you call the day when a range of bad things happen like luck has abandoned you for good? We don’t hurry to put labels on things but we really feel the pain of the heroes of this article. Scroll down to see how painful it is when luck decides to leave you.

#1. The first trip on the plane and you get this view

Photo: © Witheredspoon62

#2. When you book a standard hotel room and are excited to start the trip

Photo: © Th3_Accountant

#3. This wasn’t meant to bend that way.

Photo: © ferretatthecontrols

#4. Faceplanted onto asphalt yesterday…

Photo: © slavcringe

#5. Professional photoshoot…

Photo: © 399allday

#6. When the pedal breaks in the middle of the ride

Photo: © gregpurcott

#7. Simple ways to make your leg look like Neapolitan Ice Cream.

Photo: © chet-

#8. Reasons why you should wear bug spray…

Photo: © _-v0x-_

#9. When you find graffiti on your newly put fence. How painful is this?

Photo: © the_bearded_bastard

#10. It hurts to watch this.

Photo: © Aztery

#11. Installing a metal roof flawlessly.

Photo: © Enrynxte

#12. People were waiting for a new tree but got more sidewalks instead

Photo: © Artane_33

#13. We don’t know what happened, but we feel pain

Photo: © moiz2610

#14. Couldn’t figure out where the three baby turkeys went

Photo: © longtimefirstimee

#15. Slammed finger VS unharmed

Photo: © jaiga99

#16. Never leave your laptop in the car…

Photo: © CarbonWood

#17. “First overseas flight in 9 years! Paid extra for a window seat so I can see everything.”

Photo: © AWildAnonHasAppeared

#18. “Got new cargo shorts and accidentally sat on a stool my sister was cleaning with Clorox….”

Photo: © vibraniumdroid

#19. Bad morning, in a word…

Photo: © MelCles

#20. This is why fireworks aren’t allowed within city limits…

Photo: © fancypipedream