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20 nominees for the “Not my job” awards, and it’s very hard to choose the winner

Sometimes we have those days at work when we’re so tired that we don’t even budge an inch beyond our scope of work. Here are some examples where people showed a middle finger to professionalism and just did what they’re told to, not exactly accurate, but hey, the job is done, right?

1. Staircase from an upside-down parallel universe

Photo: © kitsf

2. Getting paint for painting, not moving plants

Photo: © hellivvy

3. Wheelchairs having some fun

Photo: © Tenchi_Muyo1

4. The Job is done, nothing can get in my way

Photo: © shaan848

5. Never gonna have problems with that window anymore

Photo: © knotaprob

6. The bench of pain

Photo: © danz409

7. A very child-friendly packaging

Photo: © Percic10

8. I just run the cables, not my job to fix the poles

Photo: © dee_snutz

9. I’ll just go around him, boss…

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

10. Designed the window space, boss

Photo: © nims_2525

11. Found on r/interestingAF

Photo: © PersonJ7

12. Done painting, boss

Photo: © ItsAdani

13. I installed the window, boss!

Photo: © DogWater_Drinker

14. Installed the ceiling fan, boss

Photo: © Platemails

15. What do you mean by “this is a historical monument”?

Photo: © PlayItCoolowski

16. We fixed it, boss

Photo: © Pareshacus

17. Saw this on my way to the restaurant today. Just no

Photo: © Randyisdead

18. I can’t really explain this one

Photo: © qntrol

19. Done a shockingly good job installing the sprayer

Photo: © sadPigeon18

20. Must’ve been a really nice butt

Photo: © Bigbluefartmachine