20 Mind-twisting Images That Create Crazy Optical Illusions Completely Different From Reality

Optical illusions differ from reality, and everyone sees them differently, too. The colors, light, and patterns in such images are created in ways that are deceptive and misleading to our brains. This is where the fun part begins: you look at a picture and see something completely different from reality.

Let’s have a quick brain test to see how quickly you will guess what’s happening in the confusing photos we selected for this crazy collection. By the way, we are still trying to figure out what is actually depicted in some of them.

#1. Can you guess which one is real and which one is the toy car?

Photo: © JR9199

#2. Gymnasts being gymnasts…

Photo: © EmmaStonewallJackson

#3. We’re all technically half-centaur.

Photo: © ProfVerstrooid

#4. A teeny tiny guy or a giant girl?

Photo: © neophlegm

#5. Living her best life in the world of giants

Photo: © Kilika2

#6. If you ever wondered what happened to the crazy frog

Photo: © Alcenana

#7. Who said magic carpets don’t exist?

Photo: © sequoia-trees

#8. The perfect natural framing doesn’t exi…

Photo: © 4BDUL4Z1Z

#9. Parallel universe behind the fence

Photo: © Meskalink

#10. This car leaks trim paint onto the road

Photo: © Best_Payment_4908

#11. Are your shoulders doing okay?

Photo: © plshelpmyssn

#12. Floating raccoon appendage.

Photo: © parothed28

#13. What kind of animal are we looking at right now?

Photo: © Quick_Difference5671

#14. Cats are liquids; they are magical.

Photo: © lamind666

#15. What is happening here?

Photo: © PureHauntings

#16. How long did it take you to realize this is not a nice butt?

Photo: © /wolfyrion

#17. I’ll have the ‘Pineapple Fade,’ please

Photo: © cheesygrundit

#18. Is there anything confusing about a dog wearing shorts?

Photo: © madethisjustforpewds

#19. They all think you’re amazing

Photo: © Neat_Government5071

#20. Giant spider? In Australia, we call them pets.

Photo: © thevirtuesofxen