20 Mind-Broadening Images As The Most Fun Way To Learn New Super Interesting Stuff

Tell us, what is learning brand new things if not an addiction? When our brain starts to filter and collect the most fascinating information, there is no holding back because it wants more and more. That is why our team at Modern Mood regularly shares amazing shots, photo facts, and incredible information to keep our reader’s brains always on track.

Today, we have compiled this collection of 20 captivating images to give you brand-new information to broaden your minds. Scroll down to see the photos and fill your knowledge reservoir with brand new discoveries.

#1. Pebbles is 22. He is the oldest living dog!

Photo: © JJV97

#2. In 2005, a glass company set up a bullet-proof glass poster case containing $3 million at a bus stop in Vancouver, Canada. If anyone could break the glass, they got to keep the cash. Nobody succeeded.

Photo: © Lankycurvymofo

#3. Tom Cruise has barely changed…Do you agree?

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#4. Excellent Sand Art by Sudarshan Pattnaik on World No Tobacco Day

Photo: © Ok-Importance-3153

#5. 1938 Dymaxion

Photo: © Metalloid_Emon

#6. The interior of one of the Starbucks in Paris resembles a museum

Photo: © /90s-00s-BestTimeEver

#7. Loomis Fall (from Jackass) with a local in India, 2006. This may be a  rare form of lymphatic filariasis. In India, this man is considered blessed to be born with these feet. No one made fun of him or anything, and he had celebrity status.

Photo: © tandyman234

#8. “Then we will fight in the shade” – actual arrowheads from the Battle of Thermopylae

Photo: © hhyyerr

#9. The world’s oldest underground station, Baker Street, England. 157 years apart.

Photo: © Manoj_Malhotra

#10. After a 2010 Pakistani flooding, millions of spiders fled to the trees for shelter, wrapping entire trees.

Photo: © asilvertintedrose

#11. Auroras on different planets

Photo: © venody

#12. Approximation of what the Mona Lisa would look like without damage from aging and light.

Photo: © Yubisaki_Milk_Tea

#13. Serbian-American inventor Nikola Tesla reading a book in his remote Colorado Springs laboratory in 1899 next to his magnifying transmitter that generates millions of volts of electricity

Photo: © shame_bringer

#14. Wind turbine shattered by a lightning strike

Photo: © you-can-call-me-alki

#15. The Ark of Bukhara, a fortress located in Uzbekistan, was built 1,500 years ago.

Photo: © Aztery

#16. The incredibly detailed wooden spiral staircase of Peles Castle in Sinaia, Romania

Photo: © Lankycurvymofo

#17. Amazing architecture and design. South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute

Photo: © /DrFetusRN

#18. Dunes inside a crater on Mars

Photo: © Palana

#19. The skull of a crowned athlete with a gold wreath from Agios Nikolaos, Crete. The flesh disintegrated with time, but the wreath stuck and remained on the skull.

Photo: © senorphone1

#20. The oldest olive tree in the world is located in Palestine and is about 3500 years old.

Photo: © knownothingwiseguy