20 Masterpieces of Pastry Making That Look As Beautiful As They Taste

The most important thing about food is the taste of course but the perfect look makes it even more
delicious. We know the food is perfect when we start drooling just when we look at it, even before trying a single bite.

Our team at modern mood just loves tasty food and its aesthetic. That is why we couldn’t pass indifferently these flawless masterpieces of culinary and compiled this collection of 20 photos showing that tasty food can look even better.

#1. The perfect wedding cake exists.

Photo: © samot112

#2. The flawless mirror glazed mousse cake

Photo: © ragsy1224

#3. Corn ribs look so tasty

Photo: © thecookingofjoy

#4. This spooky Charcuterie Board looks so good

Photo: © Sikside

#5. Already drooling from this swirly bread

Photo: © input36

#6. Beatrix Potter-inspired Easter Pie – the filling is apple and mixed field berry

Photo: © ThePieous

#7. This gelatin island cake is a masterpiece

Photo: © Retha_Joubert_Studio

#8. Strawberry-shaped macarons with chocolate ganache and jam filling.

Photo: © 10Blank_Canvas_Cakes

#9. We need this Pie-thon right now

Photo: © devoney44

#10. Oh, we are melting for this cake

Photo: © /kwarburton14

#11. A spooky, yet a perfect croissant

Photo: © input36

#12. Squid Ink Pasta – the artwork

Photo: © NillaWayfarer

#13.  Macaroons never looked so cool

Photo: © /sugardevotion

#14. Eye candy for our readers

Photo: © obeedesigns

#15. Year of the Ox Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Photo: © ThePieous

#16. A pink pineapple is all we need right now

Photo: © viennalabeef

#17. The definition of perfection – a raspberry cheesecake

Photo: © Byssine

#18. Te Fiti cake from Moana

Photo: © gene_yus

#19. The perfect pie for the Fall

Photo: © crystalshannonm

#20. Will you dare to ruin this beauty?

Photo: © Cakesandmountains

#Bonus: Everything was perfect before this virus ruined it all

Photo: © huegeaux