20 Masterpieces Of Nature Showing Why All Artists Are Inspired Exactly By It

Nature is the artist, nature is the masterpiece, nature is the inspiration. All the artworks that astonish us and take our breath away with their details and accuracy are actually and always inspired by Nature.

Nature never gets tired of showing us something completely new and fascinating, its colors and patterns are simply incredible and never repeat.

To prove the true majesty of nature we prepared some of its masterpieces that are evidence of why all artists get inspiration from it. Scroll down to check the photos and comment on the most amazing one!

#1. Male and female Rufous-Necked Hornbills

Photo: © AWildMF

#2. Terceira island in Azores, Portugal

Photo: © modianos

#3. The colours of the sunset…

Photo: © robbiblanco

#4. A delicious looking slice of Tourmaline with and a natural triangle with ”spokes” in it from Madagascar!

Photo: © leakytoquito

#5. Natural Purple Labradorite

Photo: © royallyobsessed2828

#6. Have you ever seen Firerainbows?

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#7. The Rosette Nebula is known for its skull-like shape. It’s 65 light-years in radius.

Photo: © Flatulent_Rimjob

#8. Waxy monkey tree frog, native to South America

Photo: © Alloth-

#9. Where heaven meets the earth

Photo: © sg3707

#10. Perfectly timed shot of an Orca

Photo: © roythetroy

#11. The oldest tree in the world

Photo: © DecentlyTrench855

#12. The Clouded Leopard has the longest tail of all cats, relative to body size

Photo: © ElevenDouble

#13. Philippine Eagle is known as the monkey-eating eagle

Photo: © redditsdaddio

#14. The same waterfall in three different seasons: Skogafoss, Iceland

Photo: © sylvyrfyre

#15. Octopus with limelight

Photo: © Cyber_Being_

#16. Mandarin Duck native to the East Palearctic.

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#17. Hairy Asian Elephant.

Photo: © sipthestreets

#18. Springtime in Vermont! Magical

Photo: © MieMieJulie

#19. Simply a breathtaking sight in Indonesia

Photo: © xexodus69

#20. “The Tree of Life” in Kalaloch, WA has most of its roots exposed by erosion.

Photo: © igornei