20 Makeup Artists Who Tried So Hard They Simply Failed

Makeup is really a great tool now to highlight one’s natural beauty and in some cases conceal and correct some imperfections. But when it’s overdone or just simply failed, can scare one right away.

Let’s admit not everyone is meant to be a makeup artist. Being a makeup artist, first of all, requires talent, taste, and an eye for colors and forms.

Anyway, we can’t stop anyone from getting their job so what remains is just looking at these photos and try not to make the same mistakes. These 20 makeup transformations prove that knowing your boundaries is the most important thing in mastering anything. Let us know your opinion too!

#1. Can we just let people have wide noses?

Photo: © Annette-spaghet

#2. What has happened to her eyebrows?

Photo: © sashasul

#3. Is this filter is this makeup?

Photo: © sashasul

#4. A professional wedding look…

Photo: © brebre431

#5. Everything looks normal until you see the neck…

Photo: © talknawirt

#6. Professional makeup artist in public setting. What is that contour? Blush? Bronzer? Bronshtour?

Photo: © sashasul

#7. S is for smoothness…

Photo: © FuckRobertCalifornia

#8. The longer you look at it the worse it gets.

Photo: © thinspell

#9. Would be perfect if it weren’t photoshopped

Photo: © firstname_m_lastname

#10. Who else agrees that she is way prettier in the left photo?

Photo: © samajasper

#11. Covering the neck obviously hasn’t made it any better

Photo: © OkPerformance637

#12. Even Her Highness isn’t immune

Photo: © Widgetsinparadise

#13. A little overdone, isn’t it?

Photo: © sillysask

#14. The difference in skin tone…

Photo: © buymeachocolatedonut

#15. Seriously, what is the thing about face and neck tone difference?

Photo: © Approximately23dogs

#16. Why would they change the shade so much?

Photo: © queeriequeerio

#17. The Highlighter and smoothing tool create cheek and forehead horns

Photo: © Lexappropriaition666

#18. She does a GRWM video but filters it. Can’t do eyeliner, color match, or contour… but charges for her services of which she also isn’t certified.

Photo: © majammin

#19. Again the same here…

Photo: © timemachinebreakdown

#20. And here…

Photo: © lilymae2002