20 Lit Pictures Of Wildlife Showing The Incredibility Of Nature At Its Best

The closer man gets to the civilized world the distracted he becomes from the wildlife. Maybe this is exactly the reason why the rarest things and phenomena of Nature amaze us too deeply and sometimes they even terrify us.

The truth is, even if we lived too close to wildlife and got used to it, nature would still find a way to amaze us.

We are here to show you 20 incredible moments of the world beyond our perceptions and appreciate the coolest aspects of Mother Nature.

#2. Swallowtail life-cycle in the palm of a hand.

Photo: © bartarton

#3. The Al Naslaa rock formation in Saudi Arabia has puzzled scientists for many years, and there is still no agreed-upon explanation of how this boulder appears to have a precision cut through the middle.

Photo: © Elneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

#4. Waterfall tree in southern Germany (Zogenweiler near Ravensburg)

Photo: © rebekka_ravels

#5. Sea slugs! They remind us the scientific world is full of wonder.This is Dirona albolineata

Photo: © Tunexux

#6. Happy Dragonfly up close

Photo: © imthatjeffguy

#7. Gues who had a visitor today?  NC Scribbler

Photo: © EdWorks99

#8. The beauty of a rotten wood

Photo: © KatarinaWho
Photo: © KatarinaWho
Photo: © KatarinaWho

#9. Mesmerizing Over & Under-water Shark Bite

Photo: © Kr0pr0X

#10. One horse is never enough

Photo: © ramdom-ink

#11. Isn’t this Zebra just handsome?

Photo: © /mrvxv

#12. “Black Tigers” from Odisha, India

Photo: © PeacefulAtheist

#13. Baby crocodile, working itself fully formed out of its egg

Photo: © mrvxv

#14. An Oriental dwarf kingfisher munching on its lizard prey.

Photo: © aquilasr

#15. The Narrows in Zion National Park are breathtaking

Photo: © xexodus69

#16. The Chromodoris Tasmaniensis Nudibranch, a unique species of colourful sea slug

Photo: © ExpertAccident

#17. Sable Antelope from Zimbabwe

Photo: © mrvxv

#18. Simply unbelievable! 120+ year old rhododendron

Photo: © goldbutthole

#19. What are the icicles trying to say?

Photo: © freshyaoi

#20. Have you ever seen a view more beautiful? Karst mountains, China

Photo: © yungandreww