20 Jackass Animals That Do The Naughty Stuff But Are Too Funny To Be Punished

We are already convinced that doing naughty stuff is some people’s way of having fun, but we didn’t know that animals enjoy being naughty even more than we humans. The funny thing is that even after being caught red pawed, these creatures look so innocent it’s even unfair to punish them. But the truth is what they do is unfair.

Okay, let’s check out the hilarious collection of our buddies and simply have some fun because there is nothing much that we can do.

#1. Little devil…but oh so cute

Photo: © SpookySYN

#2. The cat in boots actually exists

Photo: © Accurate_Treat_7446

#3. So that’s where my socks went

Photo: © Twisted_tadpole

#4. Total eclipse of the cat

Photo: © uhpav

#5. When you leave the cookies on the table to dry overnight…

Photo: © hurtswhenip666

#6. Not a lot going on at the moment

Photo: © shamanyoong

#7. Caught in the act of vandalism.

Photo: © MrQuidsta

#8. This is what a nine-month-old sofa looks like when you own a naughty boy

Photo: © AgentSears

#9. Every time you try to go to the bathroom…

Photo: © robisvi

#10. So you don’t play with me?

Photo: © ACDM0M

#11. Is he trying to buy me a martini?

Photo: © soundcat22

#12. Help me get out of here; I will explain later

Photo: © ZeeCapE

#13. Groomer says my pup is the only dog in the world who enjoys this and comes back several times per visit to get a blowout.

Photo: © themissnguyen

#14. This yogini shows live performances every day

Photo: © mykoden

#15. He started drinking…

Photo: ©

#16. Inside every Cat, Beats the Heart of a Lion

Photo: © Heyprajwal

#17. They ordered this one for me

Photo: © Born_Cartoonist_6666

#18. And this asshole doesn’t even regret it

Photo: © /nmm2378

#19. When life hands you lemons, just eat the blinds.

Photo: © PBR–Streetgang

#20. This is what jealousy looks like

Photo: © spome2