20 Interesting Things We Didn’t Know Existed But They Are Right Next To Us

The curly hair of an Egyptian Pharaoh queen that died 3500 years ago is still preserved and gives us goosebumps and makes us wonder how that’s even possible. Still, interesting as hell!

Curiosity urges us to explore the world more and opens doors to new interesting discoveries. Be it an ordinary event, a very common object, or a real masterpiece and incredibility of nature, there are so many interesting things in this world that we don’t even manage to catch up with.

These photos compiled in this article will give you a little piece of very interesting things you’ll want to share with friends too.

#1. Streetlights stylized as a couple on the bench

Photo: © Sunscratch

#2. Two colour pumpkin leaf

Photo: © 69KidsInMyBasement

#3. Patriotic Sunburn

Photo: © VindertechBear3

#4. Abandoned VW graveyard

Photo: © _exodiia_

#5. A tree hug! A tree growing around the palm tree

Photo: © sunny946

#6. Megalodon teeth I found diving in 90 FSW off the coast of North Carolina.

Photo: © weelittleplatypus

#7. The way these candles melted in the heat

Photo: © upplyncommand

#8. The curly hair which is still preserved, of an Egyptian Pharaoh queen who died at the age of 60 in 3500 years ago

Photo: © chaosphile

#9. The hand of a young orangutan, photo by Jessie Williams!

Photo: © Successful_Donut_928

#10. This tree has a metal crutch to support it

Photo: © docmagoo2

#11. Before and after surgery for Blount’s Disease

Photo: © M_y_t_hs

#12. Football pitch in a salt mine at 30 meters underground, Cacica, Romania

Photo: © SalazarRED

#13. Someone cut these posters revealing how many layers there are

Photo: © Shiftmon

#14. Phander, Valley of the Lakes, at golden hour. Phander, Pakistan

Photo: © rehlingenn

#15. Triplet in one coconut and sprouted

Photo: © SnowyMooncake

#16. Giant Amethyst Geode crystals from Uruguay

Photo: © Hnt9278

#17. A leaf that is half veins-only.

Photo: © DivineBanana

#18. Two trees helping each other to avoid falling

Photo: © Jaecheondaeseong-II

#19. Street artist Kevin Lee called his work “the invisibility of poverty”.

Photo: © igornei

#20. This is the Parrot Wax Cap Mushroom (Hygrocybe psittacina or Gliophorus psittacinus).

Photo: © Charmina143Meeko