20 Interesting Things That We Wouldn’t Ever Know And See If Not For Internet

What would happen if we didn’t have access to the Internet or worse had no Internet at all? Probably, we would never see the photos of 4000 years old remains of a woman trying to protect and save a child from a massive earthquake and floods in 2000 BC, also referred to as “China’s Pompeii”.

But there are people in this world that still don’t have accessibility to things that we sometimes take for granted. So let’s take a moment to be grateful for all the information sources that we have access to and check out this collection of quite interesting things existing around us!

#1. All aboard the momma possum express!

Photo: © Rakalimon

#2. The power of the waves and humpback calf flight in Sydney.

Photo: © Rakalimon

#3. What happens when you plant your tree upside down

Photo: © Oper_edei_deixai

#4. Pench Tiger Reserve India, 16km long elevated Highway, solely dedicated to wildlife movement underneath.

Photo: © wueinr

#5. Eyeball after a corneal transplantation

Photo: © wueinr

#6. Exotic uniform of Royal Hungarian Leibgarde, one of the five guard formations that guarded (Habsburg) Emperor of Austria, c.1890

Photo: © Uncle1724

#7. Jaguars developed the strongest bite force proportional to size among all cats to be able to penetrate through the armoured skin, shells, and skulls of the reptiles it primarily hunts

Photo: © OncaAtrox

#8. Models of cars embedded in social network icons in Argentina to raise awareness against the use of phones while driving

Photo: © anthonyhui

#9. This a model of the stem-mammal Cotylorhynchus. It was a 20ft behemoth that likely spent most of its time in the water acting as hippos do

Photo: © EDGEwild

#10. This 1500-year-old Cave in India was Carved out of a Giant Boulder. This is Lomas Rishi Cave, one of several man-made Barabar Caves.

Photo: © Narendra_17

#11. A fossil in display at the American museum of natural history

Photo: © NineteenEighty9

#12. Peacock feathers are beautiful, aren’t they?

Photo: © _LifeWontWait86_

#13. Colombia’s “Rainbow River” is a breath-taking example of nature’s brilliant colours

Photo: © abbbbbbbywhee

#14. Fringed leaf frog. This cutie is found in the Amazonian lowlands in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, and possibly in Bolivia.

Photo: © WilliamsErika423

#15. The place where VHS tapes go to die.

Photo: © hoederlander

#16.These are Pharaoh ants sipping on coloured liquids. Since their abdomens are translucent the ants gain the colour of the liquid they’re sipping from

Photo: © Dhananjay_Aditya

#17. Bust of Maria Barberini. G.Bernini and G.Finelli. 1627 Louvre Museum. Paris

Photo: © foxyed-

#18. Rare Spot-Bellied Eagle-Owl is an owl with heart-shaped spots on its feathers

Photo: © AWildMF

#19. Gold-Inlaid 120-Bore Three-Barrelled Flintlock Box-Lock Tap-Action Pocket Pistol Presented In 1802 By Lieutenant-Colonel Thomas Thornton To Napoleon Bonaparte

Photo: © bigmeat

#20. 4000 yr-old remains of a woman trying to protect a child from a massive earthquake and floods that devastated China in 2000 BC, sometimes known as ‘China’s Pompeii’

Photo: © Rayudvarman