20 Interesting Photos As A New Discovery Before You Hurry To Say You’ve Seen Everything

How do we even manage to keep up with all the information that the internet gives us access to? Social media only are a really huge source of super interesting and sometimes extra boring content. Every day Instagram is being bombed with more than a hundred million photos and videos.

We have sorted out the most interesting and amusing ones among them so you don’t have to look into the trash as well.

Scroll down to see some interesting, surprising and even absurd stuff in this collection.

#1. Dina Sanichar, the feral boy found after being raised by wolves and was the inspiration for The Jungle Book’s character of Mowgli

Photo: © husker3in4

#2. Mastering the art of carving

Photo: © Tovixoa

#3. Replicating a Block of the Great Pyramid with Copper Chisels – It took 4 workers only 4 days to cut out this 2.5-ton block.

Photo: © BetaKeyTakeaway

#4. Sculpture of Christ ‘trapped’ inside the tree, abandoned cemetery on the south-east of Poland

Photo: © iBleeedorange

#5. Flamingo art at Tampa International Airport

Photo: © Astrofluke

#6. The gills of a whale shark looks straight out of a sci-fi movie

Photo: © ZealousidealTank2915

#7. “Green Boots” a climber that froze to death while Climbing Mt Everest in 1996 – and he is still there

Photo: © husker3in4

#8. Pixelated Sculptures Designed by Han Hsu Tung

Photo: © /iamgulshansingh

#9. Nature is a masterpiece!

Photo: ©. lo_and_be

#10. Margot Robbie with no makeup is even cuter

Photo: © Sofargonept2

#11. One-armed handstand

Photo: © Fr0hikeTravel

#12. Did this take you back in time too?

Photo: © ShakeYouLikeHaiti

#13. Hawaii. 1890. The first known photo of a surfer.

Photo: © GoldenChinchilla

#14. This is beautiful! Volcano Erupting During an Outdoor Wedding

Photo: © PioneerStandard

#15. Fisher Island, the richest ZIP code in America with an average income of $2.2 million.

Photo: © Grand_Interaction568

#16. The moment you realize this is one photograph.

Photo: © UncleKano91

#17. The Blue fox agate

Photo: © Auxxit

#18. Balancing rock in Yorkshire, UK

Photo: © MrFanciful

#19.Bugs escaping from a flood.

Photo: © jab2eb

#20. The Ancient wooden Orthodox Church, built-in 1655 at Krasnaya Lyaga, Russia

Photo: © ExploreMoreMysteries