20 Interesting And Weird Facts That Very Few People Know About

It is always so much fun learning about new things we never thought existed. It is way more fun when we learn about super interesting, surprising, and at the same time weird stuff, stuff that only very few people know about.

This post with wildly interesting facts will definitely make you copy the link and send it to your friends. A lot of things here are a discovery for us too.

Scroll down to learn more and tell us which of the fifteen facts did you know about, or maybe you knew all? Comment on the most surprising one for you!

#1. Lighters were discovered long before matches were.

#2. If a golden fish is kept in the darkroom it tuns white.

#3. Women have twice more pain receptors than men, but their pain threshold is higher than that of men

#4. Plants grow better when they play music near them

#5. Little ducks call mom the one they see longer than 10 minutes after their birth

#6. It is scientifically proven that those with higher IQ have dreams more often

#7. Pirates used to wear an eyepatch to see better in the darkness

#8. There are more chances for a human to die from a coconut falling on their head than the attack of a shark

#9. A frown burns more calories than a smile

#10. If cars could fly we could reach cosmos in an hour

#11. Can-opener was invented 40 years after the invention of canned food

#12. Whales that sing false notes, get lost and live in lonliness

#13. An oysters’ eyes are bigger than its brain

#14. At the beginning of the 1950s cigarettes were considered to be healthy and useful

#15. The king of hearts is the only king in the standard card deck that appears without a mustache

#16. In 1932 Emu birds fought against the Australian army and won

#17. Nintendo existed even in the times of Ottoman Empire

#18. A glass ball can jump higher than the rubber one

#19. Two-thirds of people never have seen snow

#20. Collars with spikes were made in ancient Egypt to protect dogs’ necks from wolf bites

Bonus: slaves did not build pyramids