20 Insanely Astonishing Species Of Mushrooms People Came Across In The Forest And Couldn’t Help Sharing

Though there are more than 14.000 mushroom species described, a thousand new species are discovered every year. And they are sometimes discovered by common people who just wanted to go to the forest and pick up some ordinary mushrooms but came across such amazing types that they couldn’t help sharing with everyone.

We have compiled the most unique and astonishing species here even the names of which are unknown to us.

Check out the photos and be prepared to be wowed with the incredible biodiversity of Nature.

#1. The magical path of mushrooms

Photo: © SIRoA

#2. Fly agaric spot!

Photo: © dbxoxo

#3. Helvella lacunosa, known as the slate grey saddle or fluted black elfin saddle is an ascomycete fungus of the family Helvellaceae.

Photo: © kukshchum

#4. High on mushrooms.

Photo: © Unknown

#5. It’s shroom o’clock

Photo: © 2wipes

#6. Amethyst Mushrooms ( Elaeomyxa Cerifera ). First identified in 1942, these slime mold sporophores split open to release spores that sparkle like a disco ball.

Photo: © RevolutionNation

#7. Grew it myself…

Photo: © Unknown

#8. Some magic to your feed


#9. This is so beautiful. Frost flowers on a mushroom

Photo: © aNurseOnMars

#10. Wise owl. Dry home.

Photo: © Zippier92

#11. Massive bolete.

Photo: © GreasyTony68

#12. Beautiful pinecone fellas

Photo: © sideswipecrackpipe

#13. Mushrooms are the coolest.

Photo: © Wesleysbackseatheory

#14. Yes, this is a mushroom

Photo: © Happykayak

#15. An entire log of turkey tails!

Photo: © frickenfricksrsly

#16. A reishi found on a fallen hemlock

Photo: © mcooper88

#17. Amanita Muscaria releasing spores

Photo: © touchfeel

#18. This doesn’t even look like a mushroom. Who knows the name?

Photo: © karmicdivine

#19. Never underestimate the strength of polypore mushrooms. Ganoderma applanatum

Photo: © Bong-solo_420

#20. Giant Reshi!

Photo: © PhillyFarmerDave