20 Informative And Super Interesting Photos As a Brand New Discovery

The more you learn the less you know. This is a fact that makes our life more colorful and more interesting. No matter how much you know, there are still things yet to explore and learn about.

Modern Mood has prepared photos from different parts of the world, that you probably never heard about, never learned, or read in encyclopedias. But now you have the chance to see them with your own eyes.

Scroll down to see the photos and tell us which one was news to you. Let’s go!

#1. Zoo workers caring for animals in their houses in WW2

Photo: © Ok-Book7976

#2. UMI sculpture by South African artist Daniel Popper

Photo: © psychedelictranceza

#3. Nature has again taken over!

Photo: © Unknown

#4. This is how Penguins stay warm…

Photo: © Zine99

#5. Time Travel, Photography, Rob Woodcox

Photo: © perfect_wonders

#6.  Frog Leg Leaf Beetles with their amazing colors.

Photo: © fragglerawkme1

#7. This map of the internet looks like a galaxy.

Photo: © LambBotNine

#8. This dragonfly slays

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#9. Ancient Egyptian dental work from 2000 BC

Photo: © ChocoLolita

#10. Born in 1832 (5 years prior to the coronation of Queen Victoria), Jonathan the Tortoise is due to turn 190 years old in 2022. That makes him the oldest-known land animal alive today

Photo: © arjuna20

#11. Insanely beautiful polar stratospheric clouds over iceland

Photo: © naveedflix

#12. This sculpture, known as The Release From Deception is carved from a single block of marble and took Francesco Queirolo more than seven years to complete.

Photo: © JustAMan1234567

#13. The joy of a baby elephant when the water goes down for the first time

Photo: © Vegetable-Ant-114

#14. Italy and Sicily from space

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

#15. Raffaele Monti’s Veiled Bust also known as The Veiled Nun

Photo: © lordkushagra

#16. A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, Australia, in 2009

Photo: © InternetPresent2823

#17. Translucent Sea Creature Caught Off New Zealand

Photo: © eskylabs

#18. An absolutely stunning mosaic found in Paphos, Cyprus, dating back to 2nd century AD

Photo: © exalted_augusta

#19. Swings that act as phone chargers in a train station.

Photo: © Maahee_2

#20. A 140m million year old dinosaur Femur found in france

Photo: © Coffee-ly