20 Incredible Shots Made At The Perfect Time In The Perfect Place

We are all photographers in the 21st century. With the endless opportunities and access to tools, everyone can take photos, edit them and showcase their work on various platforms of social media even if it’s just their self-photo in front of the mirror.

But what makes a really good photographer different from these “all photographers” is their ability to see unique beauty and being in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect moment that we call a masterpiece.

This collection of 20 incredible shots is nothing but a fine selection of masterpieces that will make you watch them long enough and admire the ever-growing beauty of our world.

So scroll down to see the photos and tell us which one you think is the best shot.

#1. There’s a feeling in the evening

Photo: © Wooble_Gopp

#2. …in front of a volcano


#3. Lightning bolt inspired from the in front of it

Photo: © Magnicello

#4.  Courtois reaction to Messi’s near goal

Photo: © ca_serrano_98

#5. An epic scene of a warthog fighting a lion.

Photo: © MikeyStealth

#6. Mama Owl in full camouflage

Photo: © DrunkBamboo

#7. This Orangutan lending a hand is pure love

Photo: © swallowedlava

#8.  Princess Diana

Photo: © riddlemethischannel

#9. A powerful shot of an eagle eating a snake

Photo: © Kohkoh

#10. The wise one in the family.

Photo: © puglife82

#11. The cutest baby having a bath

Photo: © Ismail_Patel

#12. What K-Pop Shadow looks like

Photo: © NoiseyNinja92

#13.Keanu Reeves in Berlin

Photo: © confibulator

#14. The horror of a Goldendoodle sticking his head out a car window

Photo: © Beautiful_Fishing569

#15. This imitation is so adorable

Photo: © RyGuyLetsGetHigh

#16.  Luka Doncic getting kicked in the groin

Photo: © CuntyMcGiggles

#17. Magical Aurora over Norway and someone standing on the peak with the best view.

Photo: © ExtensionDrawi

#18. This dog imitating hay Godzilla is precious

Photo: © Scaulbylausis

#19.  Armored and horse-mounted Slovenian police officer

Photo: © Magnicello

#20. Perfectly time shot of airplane landing

Photo: © vakula1905