20 Incredible Findings That Were So Amazing People Decided To Share With Everyone

Archeologists spend years digging locations, excavating sites, studying human history, finding artifacts, and discovering historical documents, objects, or physical remains.

But sometimes ordinary people find incredible things that were right next to them ready to be discovered. Such things come to prove once again that life is full of miracles and surprises and every step we take can bring forward something amazingly interesting.

Scroll down to see our collection of interesting findings that were so amazing users decided to share with others too! What was the most unexpected and surprising thing you’ve discovered recently?

#1. A $29,000 amethyst throne.

Photo: © carliemoe4

#2. “This squirrel hangs out like this on our window most of the day.”

Photo: © Baalzeebub

#3. 3D printed my skull from a CT scan of my sinuses (hence it’s got no top, no data). Makes for the perfect headphone holder.

Photo: © deelan1990

#4. The amazing colors of my amazon parrot’s Feathers

Photo: © Bellabird42

#5. A snake sword in a cane I found on my walk today

Photo: © Marenyalia

#6. The inseparable carrots grew up hugging each other

Photo: © /Diiigiii

#7. “A hutch built by my grandfather with a VHS compartment.”

Photo: © zenconscience

#8.  The whole potato skin peeled off without a tear!

Photo: © sinesquaredtheta

#9. The soap at this car wash changes color as you scrub


#10. The way this coke exploded inside the freezer

Photo: © ReformedShady

#11. Cream Cheese. It looks so satisfying

Photo: © ThrutheGiftShop

#12.  His little legs go up and down as you cut.

Photo: © LucidLV

#13. “Heart-shaped and tube-like tomato I found at Whole Foods today.”

Photo: © Greek23Freak

#14. This peach blossom tree has flowers in 3 different colors.

Photo: © pinkyfirefly

#15. “The spectrum of carrots I grew last summer.”

Photo: © jodihas2kids

#16. “Slammed my finger with the fridge door and immediately noticed how hot it felt afterward. Snapped a pic with a thermal camera to see.”

Photo: © incurable_humanist

#17. A homemade Viking watermelon helmet.

Photo: © Mambypambyxtranarrow

#18. “Yes, I am taller than the door.”

Photo: © StoibJr

#19. “This piece of chips is almost as big as my hand”

Photo: © CakeCityBitch

#20. “Bought bathroom scales and my weight is exactly the same as on the box.”

Photo: © RobYoun